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Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

Fill the Clean Water Tank with hot water from the tap, filling to the line. Next, add Pure Power Pet Spot Cleaner solution into the tank, filling to the soap line. Screw the cap back on and turn it over the sink, then firmly reinsert the Tank into the Portable Spot Cleaner. Then unwind the power cord, plug it into a grounded outlet, and you’re ready to begin.

Pet Portable Spot Cleaner Troubleshooting

Position the brush in front of the stain you want to clean. Squeeze the trigger and slowly move the brush over the stain, then release the trigger when you’re done. Any excess dampness can be cleaned up by making additional passes without squeezing the trigger. Leave the machine on for 15 seconds after cleaning to allow dirty water to collect completely into the Dirty Water Tank.

For more information about how to properly use this Rug Doctor machine, download the User Guide by clicking the link below.