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  • Pro Deep Commercial Pro
  • Pro Deep Commercial Pro
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  • Pro Deep Commercial Pro
  • Pro Deep Commercial Pro
  • Pro Deep Commercial Pro
  • Pro Deep Commercial Pro

Pro Deep Commercial Pro

  • Powerful: Our most powerful commercial grade machine with superior deep cleaning suction power, removes up to 90% of embedded dirt, stains, oils, grime and odors delivering professional cleaning results
  • Versatile: motorized upholstery cleaner (sold separately) cleans carpet, area rugs, upholstery, stairs, mattresses, pet bed, auto interiors and more
  • Easy To Use: intuitive back and forth cleaning
  • Easy to transport and store – built-in carry handles and lighter weight than traditional commercial carpet cleaners
  • CRI Platinum Rated: Awarded the highest rating by Carpet & Rug Institute for soil removal, water removal and gentleness on carpet | User-friendly, easy-lift clean and dirty water tanks provide stress-free filling and emptying
  • Warranty: 1 year limited consumer and commercial warranty


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Now you can own Rug Doctor’s most powerful carpet cleaning machine, the same machine you can rent – the Pro Deep Commercial Carpet Cleaner. Superior deep cleaning performance from an industrial grade motor delivers superior suction power and professional cleaning results by removing over 90% of embedded dirt, grime, and odors from carpet. The Pro-Deep Machine is user friendly, allowing a back-and-forth cleaning motion similar to a vacuum. It also features digital indicator lights that tell you when solution is empty or there is a brush roll jam. Motorized upholstery tool (not included) attaches to the machine for added versatility. Clean area rugs, stairs, upholstery, pet areas, mattresses, car interiors and more. The Pro-Deep includes two separate easy to remove tanks, each with a 1.5 gallon capacity and built in solution measuring cup for added convenience. This machine is easy to use, store and carry with built-in carry handles, fold-down handle for storage and lighter in weight than traditional commercial grade machines. Awarded the highest rating by The Carpet and Rug Institute – Platinum – for soil removal, water removal and gentleness on carpet. Backed by a 1 year limited consumer and commercial warranty.



Rug Doctor® carpet cleaning machines have been manufactured, tested, and inspected in accordance with Rug Doctor’s high standards of quality. Rug Doctor Pro-Deep machines are backed by a 1-year limited consumer and commercial warranty. Please consult your user manual to see the full terms of your warranty.

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Rug Doctor gives you, the original United States purchaser, who retains proof of purchase from Rug Doctor or an authorized Rug Doctor Dealer, this limited (“warranty”) for your Pro-Deep carpet cleaning machine acquired for normal household or commercial use (rental use is excluded). You are responsible for notifying Rug Doctor within thirty (30) days of original purchase if any parts or components are missing on your Pro-Deep machine. You are responsible for testing and inspecting the machine’s condition within thirty (30) days of original purchase for any issues or defects. The purchase receipt showing the date, price, and item of purchase is the initial document of proof of purchase, and it determines the validity of your warranty. To ensure that your warranty is successfully processed, please retain your original purchase receipt and mail in the warranty card that was provided with your new machine. You may also complete warranty registration on our website at www.rugdoctor.com. You are responsible for registering your machine, either by mailing in your warranty card or registering through our website, within thirty (30) days of purchase.


Rug Doctor will, for the original purchaser, repair or replace any part that is defective in material or workmanship for your Pro-Deep carpet-cleaning machine within one (1) year of purchase date.


The following exclusions apply for part(s) and machine(s) failures due to: 1) normal wear and tear, accident, other casualty, neglect, improper maintenance, improper use, unauthorized setting; 2) machine alterations; 3) abuse or misuse of the machine, including use not in accordance with the “User Guide;” 4) machines that have not been assembled, used, or maintained in accordance with the operating instructions; 5) defects or damage caused by service or parts provided by non-authorized Rug Doctor dealers; 6) normal maintenance, such as the removal of clogs or cleaning brush rollers; 7) damaged caused by external sources such as liquids, hot materials, weather or proximity to heat. Rug Doctor does not warranty any individual parts for the machine for consumer purchase or commercial purchase. All individual machine parts are excluded from the warranty. This warranty does not provide for a refund of the purchase price. For best operating efficiency and cleaning, use of Rug Doctor products is recommended. Use of the machine for rental voids the warranty and is not permitted under Federal Law (see “UNAUTHORIZED USE” statement below). Rug Doctor is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages of any nature involving the purchase/use of your machine. In no event shall Rug Doctor’s liability exceed the purchase price of the machine. Some stares do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN, ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, WHICH MAY ARISE BY OPERATING OF LAW, ARE LIMITED TO ONE (1) YEAR FROM THE PROVEN DATE OF PURCHASE UNLESS APPLICABLE STATE LAW PROVIDES OTHERWISE.


If a machine is returned to a warranty center for repair within thirty (30) days of original purchase, Rug Doctor pays freight charges both to the warranty center and back to you. Thereafter, you may be directed to take the machine to a local repair center or required to ship the machine to a Rug Doctor warranty center should additional repairs be required during the warranty period. During the warranty period, but after the initial thirty (30) days, you will be responsible to pay any freight charges for shipment to the warranty center for repairs. Rug Doctor will pay the freight charges to return your machine to you. If Rug Doctor determines that a machine is unable to be repaired, Rug Doctor reserves the right to elect to replace the machine with a refurbished or used one of the same model. The original warranty period will remain in place for any replacement machine; the warranty will not start over.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.


To obtain warrant assistance, please call 1-800-RUG DOCTOR (1-800-784-3628), or email consumer.support@rugdoctor.com. Rug Doctor will need the following information in order to assist you: your name, address, telephone number, product model, serial number, and proof of purchase showing date and place of purchase. Please explain the nature of the problem. Rug Doctor will review all the facts involved and advise you as to recommended procedure. We recommend you keep the original carton and packing materials. Rug Doctor does not provide any boxes or packing materials.


Use of this machine with Rug Doctor Trademarks for rental purposes is UNAUTHORIZED and is in violation of U.S.C. Section 1114(I) and 15 U.S.C. Section 1125(a).


You must be logged-in to complete your warranty registration.


If your machine should require service, contact Rug Doctor Consumer Service below for information about repairs or replacement parts or if you have a question about your warranty.




PHONE: 1-800-784-3628


For any questions or concerns, please contact a Rug Doctor customer service representative at 1-800-784-3628.

This information is subject to change at any time without notice.

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