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Carpet Defense

Protect Carpets From Spills And Stains For Up To 12 Months

New product from Rug Doctor protects your carpets from spills and stains for up to 12 months! Rug Doctor exists to empower people with clean. Our experts continually work to improve quality and ease of floor cleaning. Well, now they’ve... Read more »

How to Remove Your Scariest Halloween Carpet Stains

Scary Halloween Carpet Stains Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at Rug Doctor. It’s all about costumes, parties and gatherings, CANDY, games… and did we mention CANDY?! Unfortunately, where there are parties, there are usually party fouls. But don’t... Read more »

4 Reasons Vacuuming Is Not Enough

Most of you probably know it's recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least once a week and even daily in high-traffic or pet areas. Who doesn't love seeing fresh vacuum lines on the carpet? It gives such a sense... Read more »

Potty Training Putting Rug Doctor Products To The Test

This week we have a guest blog post from Odile Harbaugh, Brand Manager at Rug Doctor. Odile is the mother to three beautiful kids, and she uses her experience and kid mess know-how to put Rug Doctor products to the... Read more »
Wine Carpet Stains and Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Three ‘Pure Panic’ Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

We're taking a look at three stains that can induce pure panic when they end up on your carpets, couch, or other soft surfaces in the home! No need to fret – you can remove these carpet stains all using... Read more »
how to remove red stains from carpet

How to Remove Red Stains From Carpet

How to Remove the Four Most Common Red Stains from Your CarpetAt Rug Doctor, we care about the health and well-being of your carpet and that is why we have developed best-in-class deep cleaning machines and solutions. We also care... Read more »
Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner leaving a clean path through dirty carpet to show the difference it makes

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Get Your Deepest Spring Clean Yet It’s easy to get overwhelmed by Spring Cleaning. Where do you start, where do you finish, and how do you know you’re done? To help, we’ve put together a quick and breezy Spring Cleaning... Read more »