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Guide to Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery can be intimidating to clean, it can be awkward and probably is not a part of your regular cleaning routine. No one wants to sit down and relax on a couch or chair covered in stains. Rug Doctor Rental... Read more »
Dog on a couch looking into the camera

How to Clean Fabric Sofas

Your couch or sofa is likely the focal point of the living room. It is the comfiest spot in the house and is well-used by everyone. It is where your kids post up when they are sick and home from... Read more »
Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner leaving a clean path through dirty carpet to show the difference it makes

5 Steps to Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

Spring is right around the corner. That means spring cleaning will most likely take over your to-do lists for the next few weeks. Spring cleaning is just like any other big project, preparation is key to success. We have created... Read more »
Chocolate, Red Wine, and Roses

Post-Valentine Celebration Cleaning

Valentine's Day is the celebration of romance and love that many choose to celebrate with chocolate and wine. In fact, 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold during the Valentine season, and 58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased... Read more »
Four candles burning in stands

How to Get Candle Wax Out of The Carpet

The last couple of months we have been focusing on holiday specific stains. Our October blog focused on the removal of the most common Halloween stains from real and fake blood. Our November blog discussed how to remove popular Thanksgiving... Read more »
Carpet Dents

Those Annoying Carpet Dents

Those annoying carpet dents and how to get rid of them. Have you been re-arranging furniture while staying at home? Here is your solution to those annoying carpet dents, courtesy of our partners across the pond in the UK. Before... Read more »

How to Remove Your Scariest Halloween Carpet Stains

Scary Halloween Carpet Stains Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at Rug Doctor. It’s all about costumes, parties and gatherings, CANDY, games… and did we mention CANDY?! Unfortunately, where there are parties, there are usually party fouls. But don’t... Read more »
Deep Carpet Cleaning Fun

How to Avoid Over-Wetting your Carpet When Deep Cleaning with a Rug Doctor

One of the most common questions we get from Rug Doctor deep cleaner renters is... "How do I keep from over-wetting my carpet when I am shampooing with a Rug Doctor Deep Cleaner?" This is a legit concern, because in... Read more »
Deep Carpet Cleaning Fun

5 Ways to Make Your Deep Carpet Cleaning Fun

5 Ways to Make Your Deep Carpet Cleaning Fun It is no secret that Rug Doctor loves carpet. And more importantly, we love deep cleaning carpets. Many of us spend our days thinking about deep cleaning carpets and how to... Read more »
Automotive Carpet Cleaning

How to Prep for Summer with the Portable Spot Cleaner

Ready, Set, Summer! How to Prep for Summer with the Portable Spot Cleaner The days are getting longer, and the weather's getting warmer. Here at Rug Doctor, all these sunny days are leaving us aching to get outdoors! We know... Read more »
How To Clean Car Carpet - Car Carpet Cleaner Tips

How To Clean Car Carpet

How to Deep Clean Car Carpet & Vehicle Floor Mats Do you know how much time the average American spends driving a vehicle? We spend a lot of time driving...A study done by the Harvard Health Watch found an average American... Read more »
Wine Carpet Stains and Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Three ‘Pure Panic’ Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

We're taking a look at three stains that can induce pure panic when they end up on your carpets, couch, or other soft surfaces in the home! No need to fret – you can remove these carpet stains all using... Read more »
how to remove red stains from carpet

How to Remove Red Stains From Carpet

How to Remove the Four Most Common Red Stains from Your CarpetAt Rug Doctor, we care about the health and well-being of your carpet and that is why we have developed best-in-class deep cleaning machines and solutions. We also care... Read more »

Getting Your Home and Carpet Clean for the New Year

The Cleaning Nightmare after Christmas'Twas the season to party, which means you have recently welcomed plenty of invited (and uninvited) guests into your home. Christmas and New Year celebrations have taken a toll and you’re probably wondering how to clean... Read more »

Guest Ready or Not: Here They Come

Stock the nog, hang the lights and set out the nice china: the holidays are here and that means spending a lot of time with friends, family and loved ones. And with all that travel and all those guests (not... Read more »
how to get stains out of carpet

How to Get Stains Out of Carpet This Fall

Every season has its own special flavor, its own scents, sights and sounds… and stains. Fall is no different. As temperatures drop and parties move from the backyard into the home, stains are a lot more likely to happen –... Read more »