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Most of you probably know it’s recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least once a week and even daily in high-traffic or pet areas. Who doesn’t love seeing fresh vacuum lines on the carpet? It gives such a sense of accomplishment and cleanliness.

But did you know vacuuming isn’t enough when it comes to keeping your carpet clean? Sure, it’s an important step in your regimen, but it shouldn’t be your ONLY step. A professional deep clean is the only way to get deep beneath your carpets to remove what vacuums leave behind. Of course, professional carpet cleaning services are expensive. But don’t fret! You can do it yourself for less than $40 and still get pro-level results with Rug Doctor. Here are 4 important reasons vacuuming just isn’t enough.

1. Vacuuming only removes dirt and dust from the surface of your carpet.

Even the most powerful vacuum cleaners leave things lurking beneath the surface of your carpet, including  dead skin cells, pet dander allergens, and pollen. YUCK. Only the powerful suction and extraction of Rug Doctor deep cleaners can remove what you can’t see. Rug Doctor deep cleaners inject cleaning solution to penetrate deep below, scrub your carpet fibers, and extract all the filth and dirty water into an easy-to-dump recovery tank. Removing particles trapped beneath your carpet not only makes your carpet look better, but it increases your home’s air quality. And trust us, the dirty water pour is just as satisfying as those vacuum lines!

2. Vacuuming doesn’t remove spots and stains.

Let’s face it, spills and accidents happen. Although running a vacuum cleaner over the affected area can help remove larger debris, it won’t remedy the discoloration left behind. To truly and effectively remove stains and spots, a deep clean is required. That’s why you need a Rug Doctor deep cleaner to lift the stain right out of your carpet.

3. Vacuuming doesn’t prevent or remove odors.

What usually goes hand and hand with spots and stains? That’s right, lingering odors! Unfortunately, vacuums don’t help with odor removal, but your Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner helps remove odors  no matter whether your messes are made by humans or by pets.

4. Vacuuming can’t give you that same “like new” look and feel as a deep clean does.

When you deep clean your carpets with a Rug Doctor deep cleaner, you’ll refresh and restore your carpet’s fibers. Many Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner renters comment on the “like new” look and feel they experience after deep cleaning with a Rug Doctor. Vacuuming just can’t deliver that same level of results. Check out our reviews to learn more.

While the recommendation is to vacuum at least once a week, you only need to deep clean 1-2 times a year. And finding a Rug Doctor is as easy as using one! We’re available at over 40,000 retail locations, usually within 5 miles of your home. Visit our store locator to find your nearest location today!