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Where Do I Get Started?

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Rotating Brush Does Not Rotate

  1. When you first turn the machine on, it may take up to three seconds for the brush to start spinning. If the brush does not start spinning after five seconds, turn the machine off and unplug from outlet. 
  2. Check that there is nothing stopping the brush roll from rotating. Remove anything that may prevent the brush from moving.
  3. Turn the machine back on and verify the brush spins.

No Or Low Spray From Hand Tool

  1. The clean water tank holds .75 gallons (3/4 gallons). Verify the tank has water and the tank is seated properly.  When you place the tank in the machine, it should snap in and sit flush against the machine.  If seated properly, you should not be able to remove the tank without pressing the tank release button.
  2. With the machine plugged in a working electrical outlet, turned on, the tank filled with water and solution mixture and seated properly in the machine, squeeze the black cleaning solution trigger and hold for at least one full minute. You should see water spray from the black spray tip on the hand tool. It should spray out in a fine fan shaped mist.

Still Having Problems?

  1. On the back of the machine is a solution line/power connection. Unwrap the hose and disconnect the solution hose/power connector from the machine by pinching the tabs on top and bottom and pulling outward. The connector can only fit in the slot one way. Reinsert the connector firmly.
  2. After the solution hose/power connector is firmly in place, verify that the solution hose is not pulled tight and creating a pinch point to prevent the water from flowing.
  3. Once you have checked these items, turn the machine on, squeeze the black cleaning solution trigger again and hold down for at least one full minute or until it starts spraying.

Still Having Problems?

  1. If you still do not get solution flowing, the final step is to check the valve on the clean water tank. You will need to empty the clean water tank and unscrew the check valve on the bottom of the clean water tank.
  2. Take the check valve to a facet and rinse under hot water to make sure the screen is clean.
  3. Make sure the white o-rings are properly seated and not missing or deformed.
  4. On the opposite end of the check valve is a red plastic piece attached on a spring. Press the red plastic and verify it moves in and out freely.
  5. Place check valve back on the tank, refill with water and test the machine again for spray.

No Or Low Vacuum Suction

  1. To check for proper vacuum suction, first verify the area you are cleaning is getting wet. If the area is wet, then proceed to checking the vacuum system.  
  2. With the machine powered on, place your hand along the vacuum nozzle on the hand tool. Use caution because the brush will be spinning.
  3. You should feel the vacuum suction. As long as you have good vacuum at this location, the system should be vacuuming properly.

Still Having Problems?

  1. If you do not feel suction on the hand tool, first verify the dirty water tank is not full of water. When the dirty water tank is full, there is a float that will turn off the vacuum pressure not allowing more water to be extracted.  Empty the dirty water tank if necessary.
  2. Before placing the dirty water tank back in the machine, test the vacuum by placing your hand over the large red hole on the side of the machine where the tank was removed from. Turn the power switch to the on position.  You should feel vacuum pressure letting you know the vacuum motor is functioning properly.
  3. Place the dirty water tank back in the machine ensuring it locks in place.
  4. Follow the vacuum hose set to where it connects to the back of the machine. Disconnect the black vacuum hose by pulling straight out.  Place your fingers over the hole where the vacuum hose was removed.
  5. Turn the power switch to the on position and you should feel vacuum suction. Reconnect the vacuum hose making sure that it is fully inserted in the opening.

No Power To The Machine

  1. To check for machine power problems, verify the power cord is plugged into a live power outlet.

Still Having Problems?

  1. Verify the rocker switch on top of the machine is pressed to With the rocker switch pressed to the ON setting, you should hear the vacuum of the machine come on.


Using the Machine

Download this How-To Guide for Pro Portable Spot Cleaner usage instructions.

To start cleaning, first uncurl the Pro Portable Spot Cleaner hose. Attach the motorized upholstery head to the handle. You will hear a “click” when it is securely attached.

Turn the machine on. Squeeze and hold the cleaning solution trigger while slowly moving the tool back and forth over the stain. Release the solution trigger when complete.

Make additional back and forth passes over the area without squeezing the solution trigger to remove excess solution. This may also allow for faster drying.

When the clean water tank is running low, remove the tanks. Empty the dirty water tank. Refill the clean water tank with hot water and solution. Replace the tanks and repeat steps.