Replacement Dome Filter


Replacing the Dome Filter
  1. Make sure the machine is unplugged.
  2. Lower the restraining wire from the clear plastic dome and rotate the dome so it opens upward.
  3. Push the old filter to the right to compress the spring.
  4. Pull the filter forward.
  5. Place and compress the new filter spring against the left side of the middle wall of the dome.
  6. Insert the filter opening into the black elbow opening on the left side of the dome.

After each use, inspect the cylindrical dome filter located inside of the clear plastic dome on the front of the machine. If debris is present, remove the filter screen by pushing it right, compressing the spring until the filter end is clear of the dome. Clean by running water through from the inside to the outside of screen. Replace by compressing the spring wire and inserting the black end securely into place in the hole inside the dome. Not available for shipment to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.