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  • Pro Motorized Grout Cleaning Tool

Pro Motorized Grout Cleaning Tool


  • Includes 1-inch wide grout line indicator guides
  • Flexible 45 degree joint connector naturally bends with cleaning movement
  • Four small wheels at each corner for smooth sweeping motion
  • Three different quick attachment joints allow for secure leak-free connections to dirty water reservoir, clean solution tank and motorized tool
  • Maximized backward cleaning motion by placing the cleaning solution nozzle at the back, motorized brush bristles in the middle and the vacuum chamber at the front
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Tired of grout lines that still hold deep and sticky food residues or show disgusting mold stains, even after cleaning the floor? Rug Doctor Pro-Deep Grout Cleaning Tool removes ground in soil, stains, mold and greasy residue that make grout lines dingy. The motorized bristles and best-in-class suction power deep clean grout lines on ceramic tile, terracotta, porcelain and sealed stone in any rooms. Simply attach the Grout Tool Head to the Pro-Deep Cleaner machine, keep the grout line between the grout guides indicated on the tool, slip the switch and allow the motorized brush bristles to scrub and clean. Bring hazed white grout back to its original brightness, restore the original look of grout coloring or the sleek look of a black tile grout. Get whiter, cleaner grout on tile floors without hiring a professional or going through the messy process of tile and grout replacement with the Rug Doctor Pro-Deep Grout Tool Head.

  • Contains 1.25-inch motorized grout brush chamber equipped with 26 total long rotating brushes for deep cleaned grout lines.
  • Grout brushes extend out beyond the base of the motorized grout tool to reach deep into grout lines.
  • Motorized brushes engage in tandem with a natural pulling motion to keep grout guides parallel to grout lines.
  • Features a 1-inch wide grout guide marked clearly on the back of the tool head, overlapped by a motorized brush for maximal grout coverage.
  • Clear plastic facing on the front vacuum portion of the tool allows users to see dirty debris and used solution be sucked back into the machine’s dirty water tank.
  • Designed for use with Rug Doctor Pro-Deep Grout Cleaning Formula.
  • Grout Tool Head
  • 38 Inch Wand Extender
  • 12 Foot Hose
  • Weight: 7.7lbs