• FlexClean Upholstery Tool
  • FlexClean Upholstery Tool

FlexClean Upholstery Tool


Rug Doctor FlexClean Upholstery Tool; 7.6-Foot Hose with Durable, Ergonomic Handle Attaches to FlexClean Machine; 5-Inch Cleaning Path Powerfully Suctions Deep-Down Dirt, Grime, Stains, Spills, Debris

  • Ergonomic handle features durable brush bristles for powerful suction and scrubbing capabilities with a 5-inch wide cleaning path
  • Pulls deep-down dirt, grime, filth, debris or stains out of floors and fabric
  • 7.6-foot hose easily connects tool to the front of the FlexClean Machine only; use only with FlexClean All-In-One solutions
  • Cleans furniture, upholstery, car interiors, stairs, mattresses, pet beds and more
  • Treat stains or odors made by pets, food, wine, spills, grease, oils, accidents and more
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Conveniently cleaning, deodorizing and refreshing soft surfaces in hard to reach places, the Rug Doctor FlexClean Upholstery Tool with a 7.6-foot hose cleans deep-down dirt, stains, pet messes, spills, odors and grime in high traffic areas, carpets, mattress, pet beds, nooks and crannies of the home, boat, office or car. Attaching to the front of the FlexClean machine, the Upholstery Tool is easy to use, with a simple flip of the power switch and pull of the finger trigger spraying the FlexClean All-In-One Concentrated Floor Cleaning solution. The transparent suction tip features durable scrub bristles that penetrate carpet and fabric fibers deep down to remove debris and filth. With powerful cleaning power, professional grade strength, versatility and ease of maneuvering, the upholstery tool outperforms, even in tough conditions and hard to reach areas. Beyond carpet, beyond clean: target difficult, built-in stains with the Rug Doctor FlexClean Upholstery Tool for the most effective clean.

  • Durable scrub brush coupled with strong suction deep cleans large spot and hard to reach places on furniture, upholstery, area rugs, couch cushions, car seats, RV upholstery and boat interiors.
  • Tool head boasts a design large enough to clean large pieces of furniture and area rugs quickly, while small enough to hit the toughest tight spots in compact vehicles and detailed home furnishing.
  • Finger trigger sprays the cleaning solution onto the cleaning area or deep into carpet fibers; the scrubbing brush efficiently lifts dirt, grime and soil to the surface with ease.
  • Ideal for treatment of stains made by pets, food, everyday spills, grease, grime, oil, pet stains, hairballs, vomit, mud, mold, mildew or other soils.
  • The FlexClean Upholstery tool is more effective than spot sprays because it scrubs and extracts deep down into fibers; results are long lasting, effective, clean, fresh and renewed.
  • Rug Doctor FlexClean Upholstery Tool
  • Unit Length: 108 in
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs

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