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Indoor Cleaning

Rug Doctor Indoor Cleaning Tools/Cleaning Machines

Cleaner Carpet Leads to a Healthier Home

What does a true deep clean really mean? It means a clean that goes beneath the surface to combat embedded dirt, grime, stains, odors, unseen allergen armies, and other entrenched contaminants that impact the health of your home. Don’t just fluff the surface of carpets and area rugs. Let Rug Doctor empower you to achieve a professional grade true deep clean at an everyday value.

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Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners

  • Rug Doctor Pro Deep Commercial Carpet Cleaner
  • Rug Doctor Mighty Pro x3 Commercial Carpet Cleaner

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Rug Doctor Pro Detailer & Portable Spot Cleaner

This innovative cleaning machine provides professional grade cleaning power, durability and versatility you can take anywhere you need it. With 50% more suction power (than ordinary spot cleaners), the exclusive motorized upholstery tool does the cleaning for you and provides unmatched professional grade results. Remove embedded dirt, stains, and odors easily from carpet, area rugs, stairs, upholstery, mattresses, pet beds, auto interiors, and more.

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Rug Doctor Floor Dryer

Dry your carpets twice as fast with a Rug Doctor floor dryer. The powerful, portable, versatile, and lightweight design allows you to quickly dry upholstery, area rugs, tile, wood, baseboards, cabinets and more. Great for everyday use or after a disaster.

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