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Furniture Cleaning

Rug Doctor has more than 43 years of carpet cleaning experience, but our expertise and know-how goes well beyond carpet to all soft surfaces in the home. This includes furniture cleaning your biggest investment within your home. Rug Doctor has specialized tools and solutions specifically designed to give your furniture a deep, professional-level clean. Rug Doctor delivers visible results – cleaner, brighter furniture – that is removed of all the dirt, grime, dust and pollutants hidden beneath the surface. Deep cleaning your furniture with Rug Doctor will leave your home and furniture smelling fresher and will also provide better air-quality for your family. Regularly deep cleaning your furniture will also protect and extend the life of your investment, saving you more money in the long run.

A Professional-Level Clean

To give your furniture a professional level clean with Rug Doctor, simply visit one of our 40,000 retailer locations. You can rent the Rug Doctor deep cleaner machine with the upholstery tool for under $35.00 for 24 hours. Deep clean your carpet and furniture and save over $200 versus hiring a carpet and furniture cleaning service. Delivering cleaning results that are comparable to truck-mounted systems used by professionals, Rug Doctor is CRI platinum certified and provides best-in-class suction power. The outstanding suction power of Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner machines extract the dirt and dust trapped inside your furniture. Rug Doctor is powerful but gentle enough to use on most furniture and upholstery, however do not use or place the Rug Doctor machine or cleaning products on: Haitian cotton, leather or non-colorfast fabrics.

The combination of Rug Doctor suction power and Rug Doctor specially designed upholstery cleaning solution provides remarkable results. Rug Doctor Detailing, Spot & Upholstery Cleaner quickly cleans to remove tough, ground-in dirt, spills and stains. Our odor neutralizing technology eliminates lingering odors and deodorizes your favorite sofa or chair and without leaving water stains. All Rug Doctor rental cleaning solutions are safe for use to deep clean your furniture. Our Pet Carpet Cleaner is a pro-enzymatic formula that is specially formulated to eliminate stains and odors from pet accidents. No matter your needs, Rug Doctor has a solution that is effective and designed for homes with kids and pets.

Deep Cleaning Your Furniture is Easier than Ever

You can now rent the Rug Doctor Pro Portable Spot Cleaner to deep clean your furniture. If you are wanting to deep clean your furniture only (without deep cleaning your carpet) you can rent the Pro Portable Spot Cleaner for $19.99. The Pro Portable Spot Cleaner is great for deep cleaning indoor and outdoor furniture. The places you can clean with the Pro Portable Spot are limitless. Deep clean sofas, chairs, dining room chairs, bar stools, sleeper sofa, mattresses, loveseats, pet beds and more! Use it to deep clean entire furniture pieces, or to simply spot clean stubborn stains. It packs all the suction power and cleaning efficacy of the Rug Doctor deep cleaning machine in a compact lightweight design. The Pro Portable Spot Cleaner makes it easier than ever to erase spots, stains and odors from your furniture. The motorized brushes deeply scrub the intended area providing you with an effortless clean. Rug Doctor Pro Portable Spot Cleaners are available in select areas. Check the rental locator for the location nearest you.