You Got What on the Carpet? Mud Edition

/ Mar 2020

Rain, rain go away! Come again another day! This is a very wet time of year. While a rainy day can occasionally mean a warm blanket and a good book, it always means an abundance of MUD: muddy paws, muddy shoes, muddy feet, and muddy carpet. We can’t keep your muddy loved ones off the carpet, but we can help you get the mud out.


  1. Let it dry, let it dry! Instinctually, you are going to want to clean it right away, but scrubbing wet mud into the carpet is only going to make it worse. Mud is not like other stains. Deny the urge to clean it right away and let it completely dry before starting.
  2. Spoon it away. Once it is completely dry, gently scrap the dried mud with a spoon and remove as much as you can.
  3. Vacuum the area. Slowly vacuum over the dried mud to remove as much loose soil as possible.
  4. Apply Rug Doctor Spot and Pre-Treat dual action cleaner. The 2-in-1 formula removes tough stains and loosens embedded dirt in heavy-traffic areas. Muddy prints won’t stand a chance. Bonus: This product is a great multi-tasker, because it can be used as a spot cleaner and a pre-treat prior to deep cleaning your carpets

If the stain is being especially stubborn, you may need to deep clean the area. Rent our Pro Portable Spot Cleaner for fast and easy deep cleaning.

Stay tuned to our blog for more tips on removing tough spots and stains. Looking for Rug Doctor in your area? Visit our rental locator to discover the nearest location to you!