Who is ready for a New Year?

Who is ready for a New Year? WE ARE! It is FINALLY time to leave all the mess of 2020 behind, and start 2021 clean and refreshed. Check out how we can help you give your home a total CLEAN makeover before the New Year.

1. Carpet and Floors

Deep cleaning your carpet and floors can give your home a completely new and clean look. This is the best place to start. Rug Doctor is the trusted source for deep cleaning carpets. You can rent one of our deep carpet cleaners at over 40000 retailer locations! Pull all the muck, dirt, grime and stains of 2020 out of your carpet with our pro-grade power and suction. Check out our rental locator to find the nearest location to you.

Did you know that we also have hard floor cleaning products? Our new hard floor cleaners tackle hard floors safe & effectively with the pro-grade results you expect from Rug Doctor. Ready to use formulas combined with our hard floor spray mop make clean up easy and fast!

2. Upholstered Furniture

Another way to brighten the room and refresh your living spaces is by deep cleaning your sofas and chairs. By simply upgrading your rental to include the upholstery tool, you can deep clean all the soft surfaces in your home and make them look new again! There has been a lot of “couch time” in 2020. In fact, a poll of 2,000 Americans found that of those working from home, 61% use their sofa as a workstation. Trust us, your sofa needs a little extra cleaning love after 2020!

3. Pet Areas

Pet areas are another area of the home that got extra use in 2020. As pet owners have spent more time indoors, so have their furry friends. These areas are more likely to have spots and stains and may need some extra cleaning love as well. We have specially formulated solutions that attack pet stains at the source. Our pro-enzymatic formulas eliminate biological stains and odors from even the worst pet accidents. Use our Pet Carpet Cleaner concentrate with our Deep Carpet Cleaner for an all over clean. Keep our ready-to-use Urine Eliminator on-hand to attack accidents when they happen. Both can be found on the rental rack at your local retailer.

Deep cleaning these three areas will give your home a new look and feel. You won’t believe the satisfaction you will feel after removing all the yucky of 2020 from deep within your floors and soft surfaces and flushing it away! A clean and bright home is the best way to start 2021. Rug Doctor wishes you a happy and healthy New Year!