Top Ten Places and Things to Clean with a Pressure Washer Rental Around Your Home

The weather is warming up and we are spending more time outdoors. This is the perfect time to knock out all of your outdoor cleaning projects. Rug Doctor is well-known for providing professional-grade carpet cleaning machines with results comparable to hiring a carpet cleaning service. But did you know we also provide professional-grade outdoor cleaning machines that offer the same level of results? Whether you are doing a routine outdoor cleaning, or prepping for an upcoming outdoor gathering, we have the tools you need to get a professional level clean at a fraction of the cost of hiring a service. Rug Doctor Pro Electric Pressure Washer 24-hour rental is available for $34.99. This professional-grade pressure washer has 2000 PSI of cleaning power to blast away all the dirt, grime, mold, algae and other gunk that builds up over winter. Visit our store locator to find your nearest rental location.

Why rent a pressure washer?

A pressure washer can be extremely helpful in cleaning outdoor hard surfaces where dirt and grime accumulate. Using a pressure washer to clean these areas can save you time and energy. A pressure washer uses an electric water pump to accelerate water to a high pressure and then sprays that water from a hose with a trigger gun. The stronger the pressure (better known as PSI), the more power the water has and the better it will remove unwanted dirt and grunge. Renting a pressure washer from Rug Doctor is a good option for those that need something for routine cleaning, but has a lack of storage space for (or simply doesn’t want to store) another cleaning machine. Let Rug Doctor handle the storage and maintenance of the machine. You can easily get it when you need it, use it and return it when you are done. We make sure our machines are clean and are in good working order before you rent.

Where and what can be cleaned with a pressure washer?

Pressure washers are super handy for cleaning most of your outdoor areas, like driveways and patios. But it is also great for cleaning outdoor furniture, garbage cans, and other things that only need a seasonal clean once or twice a year. These are the top ten places and things to clean with a pressure washer rental around your home. A pressure washer saves you so much time in scrubbing, you could probably finish all 10 of these with one 24-hour rental!

  1. Driveways and sidewalks
    You may be wondering why you would spend time pressure washing a driveway. The most important reason is to extend lifespan and longevity of concrete surfaces. Algae and oil can erode your concrete over time. With regular washing, you can prevent cracks and other damage that comes with age. Removing dirt, oil, and other stains will also make your house look brighter and restore the look of the concrete surface like new, increasing your curb appeal. Removing the dirt can also help control the weeds that tend to grow in it. We recommended to pressure wash your driveways and sidewalks at least once a year.
  1. Patios and decks
    Same as with driveways and sidewalks, your patio and decks can benefit from a routine pressure washing to extend the life of the surfaces. It is also a good idea to pressure wash these areas when getting ready to apply a coat of sealant. Pressure washing the surface before application ensures nothing gets trapped into the sealant. We recommend pressure washing your patios and decks twice a year – once after winter (in preparations for summer fun) and once after summer (to wash away any stains made during summer hangouts).
  1. Fences
    The fence around your home is a substantial investment and should be treated as such. The average cost of a wood fence is $23 per linear foot, with most spending close to $3000 total for materials and labor. Unfortunately, the fence can easily fall into despair if not taken care of properly and it can become another major cost to repair. A regular pressure washing can help maintain the integrity of the fence by removing mold and algae that deteriorate the wood. It can also restore the look of a grimy, dirty fence to look newly installed! Pressure washing your fence annually should keep you from having to paint or seal your fence every year, though it is a good idea to reapply every few years to protect it. Pressure washers are not just great for cleaning wood fences, but they work wonders on metal, chain link, and other specialty fences. When cleaning fences with any kind of sealant or paint, be sure to stand back at least 4 feet to prevent damage from the pressurized water.
  1. Patio Furniture
    Patio furniture tends to get dirty and grimy from being outside and exposed to the elements all year. Using a pressure washer on the hard surfaces of the furniture can save you some major elbow grease in scrubbing. A pressure washer is great for cleaning plastic, vinyl or wood outdoor patio furniture. Do this before and after the outdoor season to keep your outdoor furniture looking its best.
  1. Garbage cans
    Your garbage cans handle a lot of very yucky stuff. Bring your inside garbage cans outside and remove trash and trash bags. Give them a good spray with the pressure washer to remove caked on dirt, food, sticky spills, and whatever else may be on them. You probably haven’t even realized how dirty they truly are, until you pressure wash all that mess away. You can also clean your outdoor garbage cans as well. Trust us, your garbage man will thank you!
  1. Outdoor Windows
    Outdoor windows are often neglected due to the amount of time and energy it takes to clean them. A pressure washer can greatly reduce the time it takes to get all the dirt and smudges off. Pressure washing windows can turn a daunting task into a much simpler one, however, there are some precautions you need to take. Before you get started, take a moment to look over the caulking and weather stripping to make sure in is in good condition and water cannot get through and be sure to remove the screens to prevent damage. Keep the pressure washer nozzle at least 4 feet from the window glass. Never use a ladder with the pressure washer to clean windows.
  1. Grills
    Probably the best thing about the summer and spring months is the food! We love a good outdoor grilled meal. Prepping the grill after a long summer can be another daunting task, especially when you are hungry. Using a pressure washer to clean the grill can save you a lot of time. For propane or gas grills, be sure to disconnect the frill from the propane take or gas line and get the tanks out of the way and unplug any power cords. Move the grill to the center of your driveway or yard to avoid getting any of the debris on the house or patio. Before using soap in the pressure washer, pre-wash to blast away any loose debris. That way the soap can really get to the stuck on grime. Rinse well and leave the grill open to completely dry before using. We recommend cleaning twice a year, before and after the grilling season.
  1. Garage floor
    Bring your garage floor back to new looking by removing oil and dirt stains with a pressure washer. Get everything off the floor and sweep it to remove loose debris. When pressure washing the garage floor, start at the back of the garage (closest to the house) and move toward the door. Make sure all doors into the house are tightly closed.
  1. Siding
    Similar to concrete and patios, algae, mold and mildew can damage the siding of your home. Pressure washing can remove these harmful contaminants saving you from costly replacements and repairs. It can also improve curb appeal and maintain the value of your home. When pressure washing, start at the top and work your way down. If you use soap, be sure to remove all of it. Never use a ladder with the pressure washer to clean siding.
  1. Outdoor Randomness
    There are so many things around your home that you can use the pressure washer to clean. Bicycles, flower pots, lawn mowers are to name a few. These are items that accumulate dirt and dust, especially over the winter months when they are not in use. Use a pressure washer to give them a nice clean.

We stopped at ten, but this list could carry on to include outdoor stairs, entryways, mailboxes, gutters and more! For an additional cost, Rug Doctor also offers the Surface Cleaner Pro as an attachment to your pressure washer rent. It is a 15” dome with dual rotating jets that can clean large areas 4 times faster than just using the pressure washer alone. We also have an Outdoor Cleaning Concentrate and an Outdoor Ready-to-Use Spray to help remove stains from mold, algae and dirt. All of this is available at participating retailers. For set-up and use instructions of the Rug Doctor Pro Electric Pressure Washer, visit our support page. For more outdoor cleaning tips and ideas, read our Ultimate Outdoor Cleaning Guide.

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