Those Annoying Carpet Dents

Those annoying carpet dents and how to get rid of them.

Have you been re-arranging furniture while staying at home? Here is your solution to those annoying carpet dents, courtesy of our partners across the pond in the UK.



If you are like the millions of people bored at home and looking for new hobbies then you probably tried your hand at decorating, or re-decorating. And if you have carpet in your home you also now have a fair share of carpet dents, right?

A quick internet search will suggest ice cubes and even fluffing the carpet with a fork -that one is bit baffling to us because it can really damage the carpet especially if you have a looped carpet!)

So, what to do? You probably guessed it by now… Rug Doctor to the rescue! Not only will the Rug Doctor fluff up those dents without damaging your carpet it will also give your carpet and area rugs a good deep clean, which is a probably a good idea since those areas where hidden/hard to reach before.