Thanksgiving 2020 – A Different Way to Celebrate

/ Nov 2020

Did you know the weekend before Thanksgiving is Rug Doctor’s busiest weekend? We rent over 40,000 deep carpet cleaners in that weekend alone! We are so proud and thankful to be a part of so many peoples’ Thanksgiving routines in preparing their home to welcome their guests. The year of 2020 has already been filled with so much stress and isolation, we are saddened that many of these gatherings will not happen. The CDC recommends celebrating Thanksgiving virtually or with members of your own household for the lowest risk for spread. However, that doesn’t mean you have to cancel Thanksgiving all together. Here are 4 ways to celebrate a little differently this year.

  1. Order desserts and sides from a local restaurant.

    Many small businesses are hurting right now. And chances are you won’t have as much help in the kitchen as you normally would. If you still want to have the traditional spread with all the fixin’s, find a local restaurant that is doing takeout and order your favorite desserts and sides. Less cooking and cleaning for you AND supporting a local business seems like a win-win to us!


  1. Send food to essential workers or neighbors in need.

    Many first responders, healthcare workers and other essential workers will be working this holiday. Send cookies to the local firehouse or a sandwich tray to the nearest emergency room. You may want to call ahead to get guidelines for sending edibles. Also, don’t forget about your elderly or high-risk neighbors. They may not have anyone to celebrate with at all. Get the kids involved and create gift baskets. The kids can make no-contact, porch deliveries. Include puzzles, games or other indoor activities the homebound may enjoy.


  1. Get out the holiday tree.

    If there was ever a year you could decorate for Christmas as early as you want (without the worry of being judged), this is it! Go ahead and set up the Christmas tree. Since your party will be small, everyone can help decorate. Make it special by having everyone create a 2020 ornament to reflect their feelings and thoughts about the last year. Put on some music and create a really festive atmosphere. Cherish the quality time you are getting with the members of your family that are able to celebrate with you this year.


  1. You still need to deep clean your carpets.

    The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends professionally deep cleaning your carpets every 12 to 18 months to remove embedded dirt and grime. Go ahead and get a Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner and give your carpet its annual professional-level deep cleaning at a fraction of the costs of hiring a service. While your motivation for cleaning may be a little different this year, you will still feel that same satisfaction when seeing all that dirt and grime being pulled out of your carpet.

    Visit our rental locator to find a rental location near you. We are so very thankful to be a part of your deep cleaning family and wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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