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Four young kids playing and reading in their play room

A Clean Start to the School Year

The wild and reckless days of summer are drawing to an end, and it’s time to send those kiddos back to school. This means it is also time to get back to regular schedules and routines that help juggle the... Read more »
Deep Clean Carpet with Rug Doctor Best Deep Cleaners

Deep Clean Carpet with Rug Doctor in Three Easy Steps

Get Your House Ready to Deep Clean with Rug Doctor in Three Easy StepsDid you know a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning machine can give you the same deep clean as hiring a professional carpet cleaning service for just a fraction... Read more »
cleaning rooms tips

Cleaning Rooms at Home – The Dirt is in the Details

The secret to maintaining a deeper clean is as much in the details as it is in the broad strokes. So while Rug Doctor rentals and solutions can help make and keep your home refreshed and stain-free, a few simple tricks will take deep... Read more »