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Dog on a couch looking into the camera

How to Clean Fabric Sofas

Your couch or sofa is likely the focal point of the living room. It is the comfiest spot in the house and is well-used by everyone. It is where your kids post up when they are sick and home from... Read more »
Small blood stain on bright white carpet

How to Clean Fake Blood (and Real Blood, Too) From Carpet

We want to clean your blood! (Said in our best and corniest vampire voice.) All kidding aside, Halloween can really wreak havoc on your carpet. Every holiday has its own set of unique stains and Halloween is no different. Sticky... Read more »

How Often Should You Deep Clean Carpet and Area Rugs?

It’s a new year, and if you’re anything like us, you’re planning out projects that you want to get done in 2019. One annual home project that should be on everyone’s list is deep cleaning carpet and area rugs throughout... Read more »
carpet cleaner

What’s in Your Carpet Cleaner?

These days, carpet cleaning product manufacturers are becoming more transparent with their solution ingredients. Here at Rug Doctor, we care about you and your safety with our cleaning products. And while you may know what’s in your cleaning products, you... Read more »
How to Remove Cat and Dog Urine from Carpet

How to Remove Cat and Dog Urine from Carpet

How to Remove Cat and Dog Urine from Carpet Rug Doctor attends various pet events throughout the year to showcase our machines and cleaning solutions to our pet loving community. Two of the most common questions we get asked from... Read more »
Carpets Clean

6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean

6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean Carpet is one of the biggest investments in your home. At an average cost of $4.50 per square foot, carpet replacement is an expense that most people want to avoid for as... Read more »
Automotive Carpet Cleaning

How to Prep for Summer with the Portable Spot Cleaner

Ready, Set, Summer! How to Prep for Summer with the Portable Spot Cleaner The days are getting longer, and the weather's getting warmer. Here at Rug Doctor, all these sunny days are leaving us aching to get outdoors! We know... Read more »
Green Spring Cleaning

Green Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Ways to Clean Green this SpringHere at Rug Doctor, St. Patrick's Day marks the beginning of our favorite time of the year – SPRING CLEANING!!! Over the next few blogs, Rug Doctor experts will share spring cleaning tips and... Read more »
How To Clean Car Carpet - Car Carpet Cleaner Tips

How To Clean Car Carpet

How to Deep Clean Car Carpet & Vehicle Floor Mats Do you know how much time the average American spends driving a vehicle? We spend a lot of time driving...A study done by the Harvard Health Watch found an average American... Read more »
Deep Clean Carpet with Rug Doctor Best Deep Cleaners

Deep Clean Carpet with Rug Doctor in Three Easy Steps

Get Your House Ready to Deep Clean with Rug Doctor in Three Easy StepsDid you know a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning machine can give you the same deep clean as hiring a professional carpet cleaning service for just a fraction... Read more »
Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

A Revolution in Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

Last week, Rug Doctor proudly launched a revolutionary deep cleaning machine. Imagine being able to deep clean your carpet and your hard floors with just one machine. This hybrid machine no longer lives in your imagination but is now available... Read more »
how to remove red stains from carpet

How to Remove Red Stains From Carpet

How to Remove the Four Most Common Red Stains from Your CarpetAt Rug Doctor, we care about the health and well-being of your carpet and that is why we have developed best-in-class deep cleaning machines and solutions. We also care... Read more »

Getting Your Home and Carpet Clean for the New Year

The Cleaning Nightmare after Christmas'Twas the season to party, which means you have recently welcomed plenty of invited (and uninvited) guests into your home. Christmas and New Year celebrations have taken a toll and you’re probably wondering how to clean... Read more »
#Disgustifaction carpet cleaning satisfaction

Carpet Cleaning Satisfaction

At the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean, we dedicate our lives to carpet cleaning satisfaction. We’re constantly refining carpet cleaning technology like the Rug Doctor Cleaning System to work as powerfully as the pros with one goal in mind: giving... Read more »

Guest Ready or Not: Here They Come

Stock the nog, hang the lights and set out the nice china: the holidays are here and that means spending a lot of time with friends, family and loved ones. And with all that travel and all those guests (not... Read more »
rug doctor floor doctor

Meet the New Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner from Rug Doctor. That’s a Mouthful.

Did you just say hard floor cleaner from the people at Rug Doctor?Yep, we did. Just like we built Rug Doctor on the idea that there was a better way to clean our home’s carpets and soft surfaces, we figured there had... Read more »
dog mess or dog masterpieces

10 Artistic Dog Masterpieces Misinterpreted by Humans as Disaster

Through our partnership with Barkbox, we compiled 10 times when a dog mess is not just a dog mess. Sometimes they're trying to tell you something. We've got some advice on how you can interpret and respond to these messes so you... Read more »
dog mess

How Each Mess Your Dog Makes Is A Chance To Say, “I Love You For Who You Are”

Through our partnership with Barkbox, we compiled the ways in which each dog mess your pet makes is a chance to say, “I Love You For Who You Are”. Rug Doctor cleaning products make it easy to forgive your dog’s messes.  The... Read more »
12 silly things dogs do

12 Things Your Dog Does that Would Have Totally Gotten You Grounded as a Kid

Through our partnership with Barkbox, we compiled the 12 silly things dogs do that would have totally gotten you grounded as a kid.Rug Doctor cleaning products make it easy to forgive your dog’s messes.  The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner machine is... Read more »

Introducing the Rug Doctor Cleaning System

To maintain a clean and fresh home, it’s recommended you give your carpet a deep cleaning every 12 months. But throughout the year you’ll accumulate spots, stains, dirt and other grime that can’t wait half a year before the next... Read more »
cleaning rooms tips

Cleaning Rooms at Home – The Dirt is in the Details

The secret to maintaining a deeper clean is as much in the details as it is in the broad strokes. So while Rug Doctor rentals and solutions can help make and keep your home refreshed and stain-free, a few simple tricks will take deep... Read more »
rug doctor cleaning system

This One Step Will Set The Tone For Your Cleanest Year Yet

Last time we introduced you to the Rug Doctor Cleaning System, a cycle of products and habits that can help you maintain a year-round clean that keeps your home fresh. All it takes is a bit of work and a... Read more »
stay cleanin in 2016

Are You Ready to Stay Clean in 2016?

So, how are your New Year’s resolutions holding up?That’s what we thought. It’s easy to dream big about how you’ll do things differently in the new year, but inevitably life happens and new habits fall by the way side. Those... Read more »
cleaning carpet stains during holidays

Cleaning Carpet Stains – The 12 Stains of the Holidays

You’ve got guests. You’ve got parties. You’ve got food. You’ve got drinks. With all that going on, one thing is for sure: You’re gonna get stains. But that’s all right. Don’t be afraid to gather ‘round the fire, grab a... Read more »