Summer Stain Removal with Rug Doctor Cleaning Solutions

/ Jun 2019

Summer is notorious for delivering the best memories – from Griswold level vacation fails to epic sticky, messy situations. We put our Research and Development team to work identifying which Rug Doctor carpet cleaning solutions are best for the most common summer stains. Check out our guide below to determine which stain fighting power you should keep on-hand for your upcoming summer adventures.

Urine Eliminator is a bio-based, pro-enzymatic solution that removes pet stains and odors on hard and soft surfaces. This powerful solution is safe and effective with no harsh chemicals. Rug Doctor Professional Urine Eliminator is free from chlorine, carcinogens, ammonia, bleach, dyes and heavy metals. Although this solution is specially formulated to remove odors and stains associated with urine, vomit, feces, blood, perspirations and other organic stains – it works great for your summer stains as well! Get this 24 oz spray for only $9.49.

Spot & Stain Remover is a professional grade formula that works to permanently remove summer stains at the source. Use this spray to remove odor and stains from furniture, car upholstery and other soft surfaces. This 24 oz stain removing spray retails at $7.49.

Spot & Stain Scrubber – Pet Formula is ideal for quick cleanup of pet accidents, but is also great for your summer stains. The pro-enzymatic formula kills stains and odors at the source. This powerful foaming solution features a built-in fabric safe brush that scrubs fibers to lift stains and set-in messes. It is the perfect solution to keep on-hand during summer road trips and traveling. Purchase yours today for only $6.99.

Spot & Stain Scrubber – Multi Purpose Formula is our Pet Formula’s companion. This solution also features the built-in fabric safe brush making it perfect for on-the-go spills and stains. The powerful, quick-acting foam penetrates deep into the soft surface to remove even the toughest summer stains fast! Order yours before your next summer voyage for only $6.99.