Summer Road Trippin’ with Rug Doctor Carpet and Floor Cleaners

/ May 2019
IT’S ALMOST SUMMERTIME! This is one of our favorite times of the year, because it’s the perfect season for road trips, family vacations, and lazy lake days. While you’re enjoying long, warm days with your friends and family, the last thing you want to worry about is spills and stains – though they are bound to happen! Let Rug Doctor help with that. We make cleaning up easier and faster, so you can get back to enjoying your summer fun. Keep your Car Spot Free with the Portable Spot Cleaner What’s a road trip without snacks?! The top three reasons people stop along their drive is to use the restroom, get gas, or to purchase food and drinks – with salty snacks, candy and soft drinks at the top of the list. Whether you’re taking a long two-week vacation, or a short weekend road trip, it’s highly likely there will be some sort of spill or stain along the way. But there’s no reason it should ruin your trip or your vehicle’s interior. Rug Doctor’s Portable Spot Cleaner is small and compact with mighty stain fighting power. You can easily pack it in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle. Keep this little guy on-hand to clean up big spills in less than a couple of minutes and prevent set-in stains. And if you’re like us, your little ones can be sneaky spillers, too. The Portable Spot Cleaner provides deep down stain removal, so no need to fret if you don’t see the mess until days, weeks or months later! The Portable Spot Cleaner sprays down solution, deeply scrubs the affected area and sucks up all the ickyness for you. It will be your road trip hero! For more information on using the Pro Portable Spot Cleaner for auto detailing, read our blog, “5 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Stain and Odor Free After a Road Trip“. The Pro Portable Spot Cleaner pairs well with Rug Doctor Pro Detailing, Spot & Upholstery Cleaner. This formula quickly cleans to remove tough, ground-in dirt, spills & stains and is perfect for your summer road trip mishaps! Easily Clean your RV with the Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner Many recreational vehicles have vinyl or laminate in the common areas. These are the areas where you gather to cook, eat and visit with each other. Typically, restrooms also have some sort of hard flooring. While the hard floor types in these high traffic areas are great because they’re durable and  easily maintained, they can be a pain to mop and clean, especially in small spaces. If you have an RV, you NEED a Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner. You can find space for this guy in even the smallest of RVs. It’s so compact and lightweight! Skip dragging out a mop and bucket every time you need to clean a big spill or muddy mess, and instead pull out your Hard Floor Cleaner and let it do the scrubbing and extraction for you. And your floors will dry fast, so you can get back to life quickly. The Hard Floor Cleaner is also cordless. With a battery that lasts for up to 30 minutes of use, you can quickly and easily deep clean all the hard floors in your RV without ever having to struggle with a cord. That’s what we call convenient! The Hard Floor Cleaner pairs well with Rug Doctor All-In-One Concentrated Floor Cleaner. This formula deeply cleans, deodorizes, refreshes and removes dirt build up, grime, grease, messes and stains from sealed hard floors. Sticky, messy, dirty, scuff marked areas don’t stand a chance against this powerful floor cleaner. Have pets joining you on your trip? Pick up the All-In-One Pet cleaner that is formulated to break down pet stains and biological messes with enzyme cleaning power and kills odors with odor neutralizing technology. Maintain a Fresh Boat with the Portable Spot Cleaner The benefit of owning a Portable Spot Cleaner goes beyond home and auto. Stow away one of these little guys on your boat for quick and easy cleanup. Boats are accustomed to getting all kinds of stains – from food and drink to fish guts (ew!). A Portable Spot Cleaner is not only handy to clean up after each outing, it’s also great to have on hand for seasonal cleaning before boat season begins and after it ends. The Portable Spot Cleaner can extract stains and odors that occurred during the off-season. Read this blog for more information on summer prep with the Portable Spot Cleaner, including boat prep. For boat cleaning, we recommend pairing the Pro Portable Spot Cleaner with Rug Doctor Pure Power Rug & Upholstery cleaner. This professional grade bio-based formula removes stains, spots and odors with oxygen-activated cleaning boosters and is free from chlorine, ammonia, carcinogens, bleaches, dyes and heavy metals. If you’re not in the market for buying a new cleaner, we recommend renting the Rug Doctor Pro Portable Detailer and Spot Cleaner. The Pro Portable Detailer Spot Cleaner delivers professional-grade spot cleaning power for only $29.99 per 24 hours. This compact, lightweight machine erases spots, stains and odors from soft surfaces ANYWHERE. Use it to prep before hitting the road or to clean up after trips. It works great for autos, RVs, and boats! Rent or buy – Rug Doctor has a solution for all your summer deep cleaning needs. Happy cleaning from Rug Doctor!