Are You Ready to Stay Clean in 2016?

So, how are your New Year’s resolutions holding up?

That’s what we thought. It’s easy to dream big about how you’ll do things differently in the new year, but inevitably life happens and new habits fall by the way side. Those resolutions fall out of sight, out of mind until it’s time to make resolutions for the next year. And on and on and on.

But not this year. 2016 is still young, and we’ve still got plenty of room to incorporate new habits that raise our quality of life – small investments that pay off in big ways. Are you ready to have a home that looks like you’ve always imagined it? Do you want to be guest-ready at the drop of a hat?

That’s what we like to hear. To help you make the home you’ve always wanted, Rug Doctor is pledging to help you Stay Clean in 2016. And while the Rug Doctor Cleaning System will giveyou a deep-down carpet clean you can’t get from any other DIY solution, that’s not all we’re going to share with you. Throughout the year, we’re going to offer tips, discounts, and more that’ll help you stay on top of your resolutions and maintain a tidy household.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So to kick off Stay Clean 2016, we’re posting 21 days of simple cleaning tips on Facebook little life hacks that will make life easier. Ever cleaned a grill with an onion? Squeegeed your floor for pet hair? Cleaned out a gunked-up microwave with some water, a little vinegar and elbow grease? We’ll tell you how all that works and more over on our Facebook page.

Stay Clean 2016 Sweepstakes

And just to sweeten the pot, Rug Doctor is pairing those 21 days of tips with the Stay Clean 2016 Sweepstakes! Just register with us, follow along and share your cleaning adventures, and you could win free Rug Doctor rentals, cleaning solutions, the full Rug Doctor Cleaning System and even an organizational makeover!