Spring Cleaning Tips

/ Apr 2018

Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning

We kicked off our spring cleaning blog series with Green Spring Cleaning Tips. We can’t wait to keep the spring cleaning vibe going and share our top five spring cleaning tips to help you have a successful spring clean.

Did you know spring cleaning goes back to a time when oil and wood heated homes in the winter? On a warm spring day, the whole family would clean the soot and grease away. Nowadays, a spring clean is simply a big clean during the spring season. While some think the idea of cleaning for spring is outdated, here at Rug Doctor, we think it is necessary. Spring cleaning is a chance to tackle the cleaning tasks you don’t do on an everyday basis – like deep cleaning your carpet! It’s also a chance to clean appliances and other areas that are a little more time intensive and require a thorough clean.

Get It Done Faster With These Five Spring Cleaning Tips

Before you get started, consider including these five tips in your cleaning regimen this spring.

  1. Write a Checklist

Before you organize your home, organize yourself. Making a list can help you get your home spick and span in no time. Make cleaning easy by planning what you need to buy and what you need to clean. Prioritize your list, taking care of the easiest jobs first. That way you don’t run out of gas before the list is complete.

  1. Make Cleaning Fun

Deep cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Think of ways to make it more exciting; perhaps turn it into a workout or turn on your favorite tunes and dance around the house. Time flies when you’re having fun!

  1. Declutter the Home First

Before cleaning your house, you need to clean up your act. The less you own, the less there is to clean. Declutter by getting rid of the things you don’t need and organize the things you keep. Closets and junk drawers are usually a good place to start, as they tend to accumulate the most unneeded items throughout the year. If you haven’t used it since last year, get rid of it!

  1. Deep Clean the Places People Forget About

Everyone knows to clean the most obvious spots. However, it’s important to target all places where dirt can collect and harbor germs – and that’s almost everywhere! Throughout the year, we often apply the “out of sight, out of mind” logic to cleaning. This is the perfect time to deep clean all those “out of mind” places. Add these places to your checklist when planning so you don’t forget them.

So, where are the common places we forget to clean?

  • Hinges around toilet seats
  • Gaps between kitchen counters/appliances and the wall
  • Under beds and other furniture
  • Baseboards
  • Outside windows
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Mattresses
  1. Don’t Forget to Look Down

How dirty is your carpet? It’s one of the worst culprits for dirt and grime. Carpet comes into regular contact with feet, shoes, and paws. As a result, dirt gets deep into its fibers. It’s also the perfect place for dust to collect, so watch out for dust mites! And guess what? Vacuuming isn’t enough. Your carpets need a deep clean to stay healthy, and Rug Doctor has the perfect prescription. With warmer weather to encourage faster carpet drying, there’s no better time.

When it’s time for a good old-fashioned clean up, spring is the perfect season. After a dazzling spring clean, you’re all set to enjoy the summer. With a tidier home, you’re sure to have a spring in your step!