A Revolution in Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

Last week, Rug Doctor proudly launched a revolutionary deep cleaning machine. Imagine being able to deep clean your carpet and your hard floors with just one machine. This hybrid machine no longer lives in your imagination but is now available for purchase! Introducing FlexClean – our very first all-in-one floor cleaner that easily deep cleans BOTH carpets and hard floors. Truly, a revolution in carpet and hard floor cleaning.

We spoke with Kerri McCluskey, Brand Creative Manager at Rug Doctor, to get the inside scoop on this amazing new machine.

Q: What prompted the idea for a machine that would deep clean both carpets and hard floors?

Does anyone have only wall-to-wall carpeting in their home anymore? Nope. The majority of homes today have a mix of carpeting and hard floors. And you know what? There are a number of studies that show that alternatives for cleaning hard floors just don’t measure up to our standards for removing dirt, oils, and odors. We like to listen to what our customers need and deliver what they want most, so we created one machine that really cleans all floors and made it quick and easy to use.

Q: Is there anything out there like FlexClean? What makes FlexClean unique?

No, FlexClean truly stands alone as the only machine that easily deep cleans BOTH carpet and hard floors, and we couldn’t be prouder of that. Other machines that deep clean carpet really don’t work on hard floors. And likewise, hard floor cleaning machines don’t have the power or durability needed to deep clean carpets.

Some machines might say they do both hard floors and area rugs, but they simply just don’t perform well on rugs. We’ve read so many customer reviews for those machines that left people really disappointed.

FlexClean makes deep, routine, and everyday cleaning easy across carpet, area rugs, hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate, and even stone and marble. And it moves, steers, and handles like a vacuum, unlike other deep cleaners, which are heavy and so hard to use. So you can use it all over the house – kitchens, baths, entryways, hallways, bedrooms, living areas, dining areas, even the office.

Q: How easy is it to switch the machine from carpet use to hard floor use?

That’s one of my favorite features! Switching from carpet to hard floors is super easy and fast. All you do is change the nozzle and turn the knob. FlexClean comes with two durable floor cleaning nozzles – an innovative hard-plastic nozzle for carpets and a soft, rubberized squeegee for hard floors – that snap on the front of the machine. Then just simply turn the knob to select carpet or hard floor cleaning modes.

Our All-In-One Concentrated Floor Cleaner makes it even easier. This innovative solution powerfully deep cleans carpets and also removes messes from hard floors, leaving them clean and refreshed but never streaked with residue.

One machine and one cleaning solution truly cleans all floors, plus upholstery, furniture, pet beds, and more. So there’s no downtime when switching from carpet to hard floors and more.

Q: What are your favorite features on the machine?

I really like how easy it is to use. It’s lightweight and steers around and under things like a vacuum, so it’s really easy to pull FlexClean out and use when accidents happen. It will remove sticky, gooey messes – even when they’re set-in – so you can handle the dirty work without getting dirty.

I also love how well it cleans every floor type in my home – and I have two dogs, so I’m constantly cleaning messes all over. If you’re a pet owner like me, you’ll love our All-In-One Pet Concentrated Floor Cleaner , which contains enzymes that actually eat the bacteria pets leave behind when they have an accident, sweat, drool, or create other messes.

We’ve designed FlexClean to make floor cleaning less of a chore. The two removable tanks are so simple to fill and dump. Our best-in-class suction power makes getting rid of messes so quick. I can even pair it with the Upholstery Tool to clean my furniture, stairs, auto mats and upholstery, and even my pets’ beds.

Q: Hardwood is expensive and in most cases sensitive to water. Are you sure FlexClean is safe for all hardwood floors?

Absolutely. We’ve been in business over 43 years, so we’ve had a lot of time to develop durable technology that delivers a thorough and safe clean every single time. We really care about making sure our products are totally safe, before you use them on your floors. So we partnered with the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) to put FlexClean to the test.

Our test results confirmed FlexClean and our All-In-One Concentrated Floor Cleaner are totally safe to use on all sealed hard floors, including engineered wood, luxury vinyl, hardwood, and laminate. Our products are tested and proven safe to use on your hard floors. 

Q: Anything else you want us to know about FlexClean?

Yes! I think people will love FlexClean, when they see what great value it delivers. Have you ever had your floors clean by a professional service? I was really shocked the last time I received a quote for professional carpet cleaning. It was so EXPENSIVE. Who wants to pay $400 to have a group of strangers in and out of your house all day, who are really no better at cleaning your floors than you are?

You can take FlexClean home for less than the cost of just one professional carpet cleaning service, and you get to keep it on hand to use whenever you want. Plus, it’s replaced my mop, steam mop, hard floor cleaner, and deep carpet cleaner. I’m really excited to show people how well it works and how much money they’ll save on carpet and hard floor cleaning, even over the course of just one year.

FlexClean is available for purchase at flexclean.com, on rugdoctor.com and at select retailers. Don’t forget to pick up the accompanying All-In-One Concentrated Floor Cleaner , featuring a powerful dual-action formula that’s tough on dirt and odors but gentle on all floors.