RapidRent Tool Center

/ Jul 2020

Rug Doctor Introduces Rapid Rent® – A New No Contact, Self-Serve Tool Rental Center

We are excited to announce our newest innovation, Rapid Rent® Tool Rental Center powered by Rug Doctor – a no contact, self-serve kiosk where you can conveniently rent 15 of the most popular tools and equipment needed for your all your DIY home projects. Why buy when you will only use these tools once or twice? Rug Doctor saves you money and you are getting pro-grade power and quality to get the job done right!

Rug Doctor, the leading brand of DIY carpet cleaning featuring the Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner, Floor Dryer and Pro Portable Spot and Detailer, expands with the new Rapid Rent® Tool Rental Center to now also offer a total of 15 tools and equipment available for rent including pro-grade products like the following pressure washer, surface cleaner, wet-dry vacuum, appliance dolly, 4-in-1 moving dolly / hand truck, wheelbarrow, and power tools like hammer drill, cordless drill, circular saw and reciprocating saw.

2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

This powerful pressure washer has a low profile that won’t tip over during use. It has a powerful, adjustable spray that cleans stains, algae, mold, dirt and more. It is ideal for cleaning decks, patios, driveways, fences, and siding and includes an easy self-contained cord and hose feature.

Rent for $34.99/24 hours.

Learn more about the pressure washer here.

Surface Cleaner

The surface cleaner is an attachment to the Rug Doctor electric pressure washer. When attached to the pressure washer, you can clean large outdoor areas up to four times faster than with the pressure washer alone. The 15 inch round surface cleaner utilizes dual-rotating jets to blast away dirt and grime.

Rent for $19.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the surface cleaner here.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Providing commercial-grade suction that tackles dirt, debris, spills and floods, this wet/dry vacuum is ideal for home improvement projects indoors and out. Each rental conveniently includes floor, upholstery and crevice cleaning attachment tools.

Rent for $29.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the wet/dry vac here.

Appliance Dolly

This sturdy appliance dolly has an 800 Lb. load capacity. The automotive-quality belt fastener with a protective buckle pad secures your load and prevents scuffing. Belted stair climbers allow for easy movement up and down stairs while the non-marking wheels protect floors.

Rent for $19.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the appliance dolly here.

Convertible 4-in-1 Moving Dolly (Hand Truck)

The convertible dolly easily converts to 4 positions and has three different load capacities. With a weight capacity of 800 lbs. vertical, 1000 lbs. horizontal and 500 lbs. in 45° angle, there isn’t much you can’t move with this dolly.

Rent for $19.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the convertible dolly here.

Multi-Purpose Ladder

We have partnered with Little Giant® to offer a multi-purpose ladder that is really 4 ladders in one: A-frame ladder, extension ladder, staircase ladder, and 90-degree ladder. Easy-to-use Rock Locks allows for quick adjustment between ladder configurations. The multi-purpose ladder was built with safety and stability as a top priority and features quad-lock hinges that lock the ladder into place. A 300 lbs. weight capacity on both sides makes it an ideal two-person ladder.

Rent for $29.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the multi-purpose ladder here.

Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart

The durable wheelbarrow features a 2-wheel design that provides balanced hauling and prevents tipping. The comfortable ergonomic handles and 12 inch no flat tires make it easy to maneuver over any terrain. With a 7 Cu. ft. max load capacity and 600 Lb. hauling capacity, this wheelbarrow should be more than enough to tackle your outdoor hauling projects.

Rent for $24.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the wheelbarrow here.

Corded Hammer Drill

We have partnered with SKIL® to offer a powerful 7.5-amp hammer drill ideal for the most challenging do it yourself projects. This 2-in-1 multi-function drill easily switches between drilling and hammer drilling with 0 – 48,000 IPM impact rate. The heavy-duty 1/2-in keyed chuck accepts large-diameter bits designed for woodworking and cutting, and a side-assist handle allows for controlled and accurate drilling in any task.

Rent for $16.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the corded hammer drill here.

Cordless Hammer Drill

We have partnered with SKIL® to offer a 3-in-1 cordless hammer drill that easily transitions between hammer drill, drill, and drive modes to reduce time and increase efficiency. The featured digital brushless motor provides efficient, durable, high-performance power when driving through tough surfaces like brick, concrete, and other masonry. The 1/2-inch single sleeve, keyless metal ratcheting chuck allows for quick and easy bit changes. The provided automatic PWR JUMP™ charger will charge the 20V battery in just 5 minutes, or 100% battery in 60 minutes. We also provide an extra battery for less downtime.

Rent for $24.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the cordless hammer drill here.

Reciprocating Saw

We have partnered with SKILSAW® to offer their legendary reciprocating saw featuring a powerful 15 AMP motor that provides power for the toughest applications. Patented Buzzkill™ technology stops vibration and the constant response electronics supplies consistent power for the harshest cuts. The orbital mode switch will cut faster in wood applications and the variable speed dial sets the tool speed for cutting specialized materials. Soft start electronics are designed for accurate cut placements.

Rent for $24.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the reciprocating saw here.

Circular Saw

We have partnered with SKILSAW® to offer a powerful 15 Amp circular saw. The Dual Field™ Motor stays cool through continuous cuts with 5,300 RPM no load speed. An electric convenience brake quickly stops the blade so you’re ready for your next cut, making you more productive. Cut capacities include 1 7/8 in at 45 degrees and 2 7/16 in at 90 degrees. An integrated dust blower provides clear line of sight while you work.

Rent for $21.97/24 hours.

Learn more about the circular saw here.

At Rug Doctor, we believe in offering you great value and the best rental experience. Remember, renting is smarter! Rug Doctor is excited to offer you the option to rent powerful, professional-grade tools and equipment, now in a contact less experience. Visit our Tool Center Locations page to get started today. And watch for additional stores coming soon.

Rug Doctor – the power behind your home projects!