Mile-High Dirt and Grime in Denver Carpet

/ Sep 2017

Most Denver residents are worried about what’s in their carpet but many don’t clean regularly

PLANO, Texas—Sept. 18, 2017— A recent Rug Doctor survey found that three out of four Portland residents worry about what’s in their carpet. People reported contaminants lingering in their carpet – like dirt, dust, dander, bacteria and pollutants – which were likely tracked in by shoes and paws since 75 percent of wear shoes in the house and have pets indoors. Other findings include 13 percent with craft beer spills and 15 percent with granola bits in their carpet.

Most Denver residents are worried about what’s in their carpet but many don’t clean regularlyA half-pound of dirt can accumulate in just three feet of carpet according to the National Academy of Sciences/Institute of Medicine. Carpet traps airborne particles like the floating dust you see when sunlight streams in through a window, which makes carpet the largest air filter inside the home.

The EPA recommends annual deep, wet extraction carpet cleaning to improve air quality inside homes. Sixty-seven percent of Denver residents agree with the EPA that regular carpet cleaning makes a home healthier, but only 54 percent of them deep clean regularly. Thirty-seven percent cited the high cost of hiring a carpet-cleaning professional as a barrier to regular cleaning.

These survey findings are among the reasons Rug Doctor chose Denver to be one of the first cities to introduce its most significant product innovation in 45 years. The all-new Rug Doctor Pro line will be available to rent from Denver stores starting Sept. 5, 2017. The new professional-grade carpet cleaners are more powerful, easier to use, lighter and more versatile than ever, and a lot less expensive than hiring a service.

The all-new Rug Doctor Pro Deep Upright Carpet Cleaner now cleans backward and forward and operates more like a vacuum, it has 20 percent more suction power than ordinary rental machines, is lighter and easier to maneuver and lift, and has a new motorized attachments upholstery tool that is designed for deep cleaning stairs, furniture, area rugs and more. The Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner has been awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Platinum rating, the highest rating awarded, for superior dirt and water removal comparable to cleaning results of hiring a costly service.

For the first time, the Rug Doctor Pro Detailer and Portable Spot Cleaner is available to rent in Denver. The small deep-cleaning machine is ideal for quickly and easily getting rid of unsightly, smelly spots and stains anywhere – on area rugs, pet beds, couches, chairs, stairs, vehicle and RV interiors and other small spaces. The mini Rug Doctor fits in a shopping cart and delivers power-on-the-go in a small and lightweight deep cleaner.

“Our scientists and engineers have used the latest technology to ensure our machines perform comparably to hiring a professional carpet cleaner,” said Rich Foster, Rug Doctor Chief Product Officer. “We listened to customer feedback, created solutions to their pain points, and are confident that the new machines will deliver the feeling of disgustifaction, a term we coined to describe the feeling people have after deep cleaning – the disgust and satisfaction when the dirty water tank reveals what was hiding deep in carpet fibers.”

Disgustifaction is the mission of the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean, a facility that is depicted in the recent TV commercial, and is modeled after Rug Doctor’s actual testing facility located in Fenton, Mo.

The Denver community is invited to try the new Rug Doctor products and experience ‘disgustifaction’ firsthand at upcoming store events the weekend of Sept. 29-Oct. 1. See for details.

Rug Doctor Infographic - Denver

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