About Rug Doctor

/ Sep 2017


Rug Doctor is the global market leader in professional-grade do-it-yourself deep carpet cleaning systems for consumers. Our goal is to give consumers a “professional quality clean” at a better value than professionals. The iconic red machines are available for rent in over 40,000 retail locations and are for purchase at major retailers like Walmart, Tesco, and Amazon.

Created by a professional carpet cleaner in his garage in Fresno, California, over 43 years ago, he was motivated to empower people to achieve professional quality results themselves. Rug Doctor’s deep cleaning system continues to deliver significant savings vs. hiring professional carpet cleaning services and a deeper clean than many retail alternatives. The Rug Doctor brand has earned one of the highest levels of consumer loyalty in the industry per Nielsen ratings.

We believe that “it isn’t clean unless you wash it with soap and water” and the hallmarks of our system are:

  • Powerful Versatile Machines that offer best in class suction power, lifting an amazing amount of dirt and other unwanted things from soft surface carpets, rugs, couches, chairs, pet beds and even car seats
  • Safe but Effective Cleaning Solutions are designed for homes with kids and pets – bio-degradable, but don’t compromise on cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing and protecting
  • Rug Doctor also delivers unparalleled service and merchandising to its retailers through a skilled, efficient direct store team armed with the latest technology for accountability, market intelligence, and compliance.

Rug Doctor World headquarters today is in Plano, Texas. It has manufacturing and R&D facilities in Missouri and the UK, and warehouse distribution centers in 20 countries. The company is private-equity owned.