Money-Saving Tips for 5 Common DIY Tasks

/ Aug 2015

Why is DIY such a hot topic these days? Simple: Doing things on your own is financially and emotionally rewarding. When you don’t have to rely on professionals to do a job, you almost always save money. And emotionally speaking, DIY gives you a feeling of empowerment, accomplishment, and self-reliance. So put away your wallet, roll up your sleeves, and check out these five money saving tips now.


Deep cleaning your carpet is the only way to get out all of the deep-down contaminants that vacuuming misses. But hiring professionals means making appointments, waiting for hours on end, dealing with strangers in your home, and ultimately paying up to $250 or more. All good stuff, right? On the other hand, you can rent a Rug Doctor for about 50 bucks and get the same professional results. Besides saving $200, you’ll get the satisfaction of seeing years of filth being sucked out of your carpet, knowing you’re doing something good for your home and your family. You can find these super-suction machines at most supermarkets and home improvement stores—in fact, you’ve probably walked right by one in the past week.


If you can find a reliable interior painter who does great work at affordable rates, good luck getting on his or her schedule. Better yet, paint a room on your own, and find out how easy and fulfilling it can be. Start by creating large swatches (with paint samples) to hang on your wall before you commit to a specific color. The tiny swatches you find at the store can be deceptive and often drive you to hues that are too dark or too bright. Once you’ve picked the paint, you just need a bit of prep work and basic brush/roller techniques to paint like a pro!


There are hundreds of expensive cleaning solutions on the supermarket shelves that make bold promises. But there’s one you probably have on your own shelf right now that is a true miracle worker: vinegar. You can use vinegar to clean your dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, garbage disposal, refrigerator, and much more. It’s an effective and inexpensive way to get rid of stains, grime, and odors without chemicals. All that, and it makes a pretty tasty salad dressing, too.


Whether you’re making dinner for one or an army of hangry teenagers, the key to deliciousness is prep time. And if prep time is something you have time for on a daily basis, we’d love to come visit your world someday. The easy alternative is to dine out, take out, or call for delivery, which means big bucks. If this more accurately describes your life, it’s time you met the magic of slow cooker meals. With a couple hours on the weekend and a few bags of basic ingredients, you can put together several “dinners in a bag.” Just seal each one in a gallon bag, toss it in the freezer and then dump it in the slow cooker in the morning. By dinnertime, it’s ready to serve. And after sparing yourself just a couple of expensive restaurant meals, you’ll have the slow cooker paid off.


Having a living room or sitting area that’s comfortable and stylish can make you feel truly relaxed. But seeing the cost of hiring an interior decorator can make you nauseous. Good news—a few minor improvements can give your living area a great new look on a decent budget. To open up a space that feels small, hang a mirror or two, go with lighter wall colors (you already paint like a pro, right?), and increase sunlight with lighter drapes. Then arrange your sofa and chairs so that they “talk to each other.” Money-saving DIY ideas can be found all around your home, starting from the carpet up.

Share Your Money Saving Tips With Us

Each one, in its own way, can help you feel better about yourself, your home, and your bank account. Pick one today, give it a shot, and let us know your results by shooting a message to Rug Doctor’s Facebook Page. If you have any money saving tips while making home improvement, share them with us. And don’t forget—YOU ARE THE PRO!