Introducing the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean!

/ Jun 2017

At Rug Doctor, we pride ourselves on developing carpet cleaning machines and solutions that perform as powerfully as professional carpet cleaning services at a fraction of the cost. And for years, we’ve mostly developed these machines and solutions in secret. But after years out of the public eye, we’re proud to finally open the doors of the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean to the public! 

At the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean, we put each and every new carpet cleaning product we develop through the rigors of extreme testing before we introduce them to your home. We gather the best scientists, technicians, engineers and big ol’ cleaning nerds to develop the most powerful carpet cleaning machines, sprays and solutions, all so you can clean up after all of life’s messes.

But in order to get your home cleaner, we have to get as dirty as we can. And that’s where the real fun starts.

The Institute is broken up into a variety of labs and rooms where we road test our products against the toughest stains life can throw your way. Here’s just a few of the rooms we get messy in:

In the Party Room, we throw every party foul we can think of on the floor – and on the chairs, the rugs, the upholstery… anywhere an enthusiastic eight year old can cause havoc. Which is everywhere.

Speaking of havoc, how many cats or puppies do you think it takes to stink up a perfectly nice carpet? We let herds of cats loose in the Pet Room just to see what damage they can do – and how we can pick it up.

The Spot Zone isn’t where we pet dogs. Instead, technicians in the Spot Zone specialize in testing the power of the Portable Spot Cleaner.

If you want to see the Rug Doctor of the Future, check out the Innovation Lab. Our best designers and engineers are encouraged to THINK BIG (or very, very small) to develop the next big thing in carpet cleaning technology.

Finally, the Dirty Water Room allows us to study the compositions of the dirtiest carpets in the world – up close and personal. What’s in each jar of dirty water? The Director of Clean knows – he’s like the sommelier of home-brewed carpet funk.

Know More About The Rug Doctor Institute of Clean

The Rug Doctor Institute of Clean gives us the chance to pull back the curtain on the science of cleaner carpets. It allows us to demonstrate that Rug Doctor has the most powerful carpet cleaning machines you can rent or buy – carpet cleaning machines that put the cleaning power of the pros in your hands while saving you potentially hundreds of dollars. At the Institute, we know that what happens on your carpet stays in your carpet… until you Rug Doctor it out.