How to Show Your Hard Floors Some Love

/ May 2018

Beyond Carpet, Beyond Clean: How to Show Your Hard Floors Some Love

Say, when was the last time you visited someone else’s home and noticed they had a full house of wall-to-wall carpet? Probably not recently! In fact, Rug Doctor recently survey people all across America on their hard floor cleaning methods and found only 11% still have all carpet in their homes.

Hmmm… sounds like a lot of people are moving to hard floors and loving them! But just how clean are they keeping them? We were shocked to discover just 53% of people rank their hard floors pretty clean to clean. With most American homes featuring some type of hard floor, that’s a lot of dirty tile, hard wood, laminate, and stone!

Here at the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean, we’ve been working hard to take the hard work out of hard floor cleaning. And what we heard from our fans was most popular hard floor cleaning methods just weren’t working for them. So we designed a smart, lightweight machine to make hard floor cleaning easy.

Say hello to our little friend, the Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner. Its powerful suction and rotating scrub brush cleans and sucks up messes fast, putting mops to shame. Soda, syrup, ice cream, juice, and other sticky messes can’t stand up to this smart machine. And unlike mops that simply spread dirt and grime all over, Floor Doctor’s spray and vac cleaning method is 98% effective at removing messes, compared to mops’ 38% effectiveness.*

Hard Floors

We know when it comes to hard floors, you’re looking for a hands-and-knees type of clean mops just can’t deliver. Floor Doctor sprays soapy water, scrubs the mess or residue, and extracts it all into a dirty water tank. Two separate clean and dirty water tanks means you’re always washing with only clean water. You’ll be shocked at the amount of dirt and grime Floor Doctor removed when you dump the dirty water out. It’s a little gross — but also SO satisfying — to see the dirt and mess go down the drain.

Clean Hard Floors

You might think your floors are clean after mopping — but do they pass the barefoot test? We were disgusted to discover mops leave behind THIRTY TIMES more soil than spray and vac cleaners, like the powerful Floor Doctor. Our Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner cleans what mops leave behind, sucking up spills and accidents without leaving water behind, so your clean floors dry fast. Try it out on your sealed hard floors! The nylon brush roll is gentle but effective on tile, laminate, stone, sealed hardwood, concrete, and vinyl. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend using Floor Doctor with our Hard Floor Cleaner, specially formulated to restore and revitalize surfaces in kitchens, entryways, bathrooms, and more.

Hard Floor Cleaner

At just over six and a half pounds, Floor Doctor is so easy to use in every room of your home. Its cordless design makes it easy to clean anywhere you want, even in the garage! Done cleaning? Simply remove and rinse the tanks, brush roll, and nozzle, and place the machine back into its storage tray. Don’t forget to plug Floor Doctor in and charge it up. Floor Doctor’s rechargeable battery lets you cordlessly clean all over the home for up to thirty minutes.

Sound like your perfect hard floor cleaning solution? Pick out a Floor Doctor now and save $40! We know you’ll love it just as much as we do.

*Source: Global Scientific Study, 2008