How to Remove Cat and Dog Urine from Carpet

How to Remove Cat and Dog Urine from Carpet

Rug Doctor attends various pet events throughout the year to showcase our machines and cleaning solutions to our pet loving community. Two of the most common questions we get asked from pet owners are…

1) How do I get pet stains out of my carpet?

2) How do I get the smell of urine out of my carpet?

Here at Rug Doctor, we consider ourselves pet stain experts, and we’ve developed specially formulated cleaning solutions to help you get rid of even the most stubborn pet accidents. Follow these quick and easy steps to remove urine from your carpet and get rid of lingering pet odors for good.

  1. Act quickly! If your cat or dog urinates on the carpet, it’s important to act as quickly as possible. Urine can have a bleaching effect if not treated immediately. Even if you don’t have any cleaning solution on hand, soak up the excess liquid as soon as possible. The quicker you act, the less likely the liquid is to soak into the padding underneath your carpet.
  1. Use a cleaning solution that has pro-enzymatic technology (like Rug Doctor Pet Stain Remover). A pro-enzymatic cleaning solution has enzymes that activate on contact with organic matter like urine, vomit, and more. They feed on the organic matter of the stain and/or odor until it’s eliminated! Rug Doctor Pet Stain Remover goes an extra step with its patented odor neutralizer that discourages remarking.

    To use Rug Doctor Pet Stain Remover, first remove any solids and blot excess liquids. Shake the bottle well and generously spray the soiled area. Allow the foam to penetrate the stain. Cover the area with a damp white paper towel and leave overnight. The enzymes in the solution will continue cleaning overnight, while you sleep. How neat is that?! In the morning, remove the cloth and allow the carpet to dry. Most stains and odors will be removed after a single treatment; however, heavily soiled areas may require additional applications. Simply repeat steps until the stain is gone.   
  1. For stubborn, deeply set-in pet stains and for large, highly-contaminated areas we recommend renting a Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner and using it with our Pet Deep Carpet Cleaner Our Pet Deep Carpet Cleaner concentrate uses the same pro-enzymatic technology that eliminates odors and stains from pet accidents. It also includes our patented odor neutralizer that discourages remarking.

    When used properly, a 96 oz. bottle can clean up to 9 rooms. Our Deep Carpet Cleaner gets deep below the surface of the carpet to pull the stain from the padding underneath and wash the carpet fibers on all sides. Adding the upholstery tool to your rental will give you the extra benefit of being able to deep clean other soft surfaces in your home that may also have urine on them including, chairs, sofas, pet beds, and mattresses. Our Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner will leave your home and carpet looking and smelling like new!
  1. Be sure to check adjacent walls and furniture legs for urine markings or splatter. Pet owners often complain that even though the stain is gone, they can still smell it. In many cases, this is because the source of the odor went beyond the carpet on to the walls or other nearby surfaces. A gentle scrub with soapy water can remove urine from walls.

    There is no need to send your furry family members to dog house when accidents occur. Simply rely on Rug Doctor for effective clean up and get back to having fun with your pets!