How to Prep for Summer with the Portable Spot Cleaner

Ready, Set, Summer! How to Prep for Summer with the Portable Spot Cleaner

The days are getting longer, and the weather’s getting warmer. Here at Rug Doctor, all these sunny days are leaving us aching to get outdoors! We know you’re as ready as we are to have some fun – but is your patio? Hmm. Sounds like you could use a few quick tips to get the job done fast. Today we’ll teach you how to clean your patio furniture, how to clean car upholstery, and how to get your boat and RV summer-ready with the Portable Spot Cleaner. Keep reading below to find out more!

It’s road trip season again! Whether you’re getting ready to take a trip or just returning from one, chances are your car could use a clean – and the Portable Spot Cleaner is perfect for the job. With rubberized wheels and a telescoping handle, we designed the Portable Spot Cleaner to be really… well… PORTABLE! Partnered with best-in-class suction and a motorized brush, this baby packs a powerful punch when it comes to cleaning up car messes. We love the satisfaction of removing deep set-in stains without the cost of a pricey car detailing service.

The PSC sprays soapy water, scrubs and lifts the mess away, and then sucks it up into an easy-to-empty tank. Simply wheel the PSC out to clean auto interior, car mats, and more. Its small size makes it so easy to store in the garage to keep on hand for accidents, routine, and deep cleaning. Pair our Portable Spot Cleaner with Rug Doctor’s Platinum Pure with Oxy for a clean that compares to the pros. We know you’ll love it just as much as we do.

Auto Carpet Cleaner

What about those times you wanna get away and leave it all behind? Unfortunately, some messes stick with you. That’s why we love using the Portable Spot Cleaner to tackle messes in our boats and RVs. The Portable Spot Cleaner’s motorized brush is perfect for getting the grossness out of boat carpeting that gets exposed to the elements – and who knows what else. Pull it out to use for weekend cleaning, plus it’s perfect to keep handy for seasonal cleaning before boat season begins and after it ends. Keep it handy at the dock all summer long to suck up spilled food, drinks, and other accidents.

Beach Boat

And don’t forget your travel buddy when you hit the road! The Portable Spot Cleaner’s small size makes it so easy to store in RV cabinets, so it can tag along on trips and tackle messes along the way. With a 5-and-a-half-foot hose, it deep cleans RV cushions, upholstery, and all those hard-to-reach places where messes build up. Why pay to have your RV detailed and spend thousands of dollars on something you can so easily do yourself? Whether you’re making messes or memories (or both!), keep your PSC on hand when you travel so you’re ready for food spills, tracked in mud, and more.

RV Carpet

When you aren’t traveling, chances are you may be looking to put your feet up on the patio. But who can relax on dingy, dirt covered cushions? Particularly after they’ve been exposed to the elements all year long. Good thing the Portable Spot Cleaner makes patio cleaning so easy and fast. Simply wheel it out and fill with Platinum Pure with Oxy to clean patio cushions, seat covers, and outdoor rugs. You can even use it to refresh stretched fabric like umbrellas and shades.


Caring for your furniture and upholstery with the PSC will extend their life and keep them looking fresh and clean. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on your very own Portable Spot Cleaner. Take one home today, and check out our Faux Paw Pack and Auto Care Pack for even more of the deep cleaning power you’ve come to love from Rug Doctor.

Happy summer!