Guest Ready or Not: Here They Come

Stock the nog, hang the lights and set out the nice china: the holidays are here and that means spending a lot of time with friends, family and loved ones. And with all that travel and all those guests (not to mention all that nog) things are going to get a little, um, awkward.

Don’t worry. Whether you’re a host who needs to get guest-ready or a guest staying under someone else’s roof, we’ll give you the solutions you need to keep the holidays spotless. Here are useful holiday cleaning tips for you.

Prepare for the conversations you know are coming. Going to be asked why you’re not married yet? Better prep for questions like these and others so you don’t have to come up with a good answer in the heat of the moment.

Keep it clean for the kids. Nothing keeps behavior (and language) clean like kids. They also help keep your priorities straight. And they clean dishes. If you’re bringing a herd of boys to someone’s home, be sure to bring along a little Antibacterial Carpet Cleaner — it’s perfect for beds, bags, and bathroom rugs. You’ll earn brownie points from your host, and during the holidays that may actually mean more brownies. Score!

Watch out for your furry friends. If you’re lucky enough to bring your four-legged family members with you, be prepared for any accidents that may happen when they get too excited. Keeping the Platinum Urine Eliminator on hand means you’ll be ready for any sudden surprises they may leave in out-of-the-way places.

Furthermore, if you see your host struggling to keep things clean, jump in and help. No one ever got mad about getting extra help keeping things tidy.

Designate a sanctuary. Figure out a place you can go if you need a quiet moment, and use it. Probably the bathroom, or your car. If you need a moment, just excuse yourself and chill out for a little bit. We won’t tell if there’s wine stashed away in your quiet place, even (especially!) if you spill it.

Remind yourself that you love these people. You really, really do. No matter the faux pas (or Faux Paw), this is your family, and all the little stresses and hassles are worth having them together for the holidays.

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