DIY Carpet Cleaning – The Smarter Choice

/ Aug 2017

Did you know that the average IQ of a Rug Doctor renter is 125?

That is way above average. In fact – almost what the IQ test refers to as “gifted.”

Why are they gifted? Lots of reasons:

Because they know that when they do it themselves they can save about $200 over hiring a professional carpet cleaner. IBISWorld measures industry data like this – and they say the average cost to hire is $254. Rug Doctor costs $29.99 to rent the machine and a little bit extra for the specially formulated cleaning solution that goes with it. That’s being smart with your money.

Because they know that if they do it themselves, they don’t waste time waiting around for a service. After all, there’s a Rug Doctor rental location is within 3 miles of just about every household in the U.S. And it takes about 20 minutes a room to deep clean. That’s being smart with your time.

Because they know they can get commercial grade results because the Rug Doctor machine is CRI Certified. CRI (the Carpet and Rug Institute) is the industry standard that measures how effective a machine or service is at removing dirt and oily grime from carpet fibers. And Rug Doctor gets the same rating as the professionals: Platinum. You can’t get any higher than that. That’s being smart about quality.

Because they know that they can clean way more than wall-to-wall carpets. They can deep clean area rugs, couches, chairs, mattresses, stairs – even cars, car seats, RV’s and boats. That’s being smart about your energy energy.

Because they know they will be disgusted, yet very satisfied with the results. They understand really complex terms like “disgustifaction” – which is exactly what they feel when they pour out the filthy water the machine just extracted from the carpet. That’s a smart way to grow your vocabulary.

Be the Smartest – Do DIY Carpet Cleaning Today

You don’t need to take an IQ test to see how smart you are – just rent a Rug Doctor and feel smart about spending your hard-earned money and precious time more intelligently. Just be sure everyone knows how gifted you are.