Deep Cleaning Carpet is as Easy as 1.2.3.

There is a common misconception that deep cleaning your carpets has to be an all-day, clear your calendar, weekend-stealing process. Whomp, whomp.  We are happy to tell you this is simply not true. Deep cleaning your carpet doesn’t have to be a time-intensive chore. When done correctly, you can deep clean an average-sized room in 20 minutes. That means it is possible to finish a 3-bedroom home (5 carpet rooms) in less than two hours! Follow these three steps to quickly deep clean your carpet and achieve the professional-level clean you have come to expect from Rug Doctor.
  1. Vacuum. We cannot stress enough the importance of this simple step. Vacuuming before you begin removes loose soil and large particles from the top of the carpet. This prepares the surface for the deep cleaner and will reduce the number of passes you will have to make.
  2. Pre-Treat. Often times this step gets skipped in an effort to save time. However, if you properly pre-treat your heavily soiled areas, you can actually save time when deep cleaning. We recommend Rug Doctor Spot + Pre-Treat Dual Action Cleaner. This formula is proven to penetrate and lift tough stains and odors from heavily soiled carpets to improve deep cleaning results by 45% (vs deep cleaning alone)! Spot + Pretreat can be found on the Rug Doctor rental rack wherever Rug Doctor machines are available. Simply follow the directions listed on the label.
  3. Deep clean. We like to call this the grand finale! Deep cleaning with the Rug Doctor Pro Deep is easier than you think. The Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner was designed with you in mind. It has forward and back pass cleaning and extraction, so you can clean with the natural vacuum-like movements that you are used to cleaning with. It also has an indicator light to let you know when the solution tank is empty and needs to be refilled – no more guessing! We made the dirty water tank easier to remove and replace, so you don’t have to spend precious time messing with dirty tanks. Lastly, but most importantly, it has 20% more suction power than ordinary rental machines! Be sure to make a dry pass (pull back and forward without depressing the solution button) after every two wet passes to decrease your drying time. You can also add to your rent a Rug Doctor Pro Floor Dryer to dry carpet two times faster than drying alone! For more information on how to deep clean with the Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner, watch our How-To Video.
That’s it! Follow these three easy steps to deep clean your carpet like a Pro. Visit our Rug Doctor store locator to find the nearest rental location to you.