Deep Clean Carpet with Rug Doctor in Three Easy Steps

Get Your House Ready to Deep Clean with Rug Doctor in Three Easy Steps

Did you know a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning machine can give you the same deep clean as hiring a professional carpet cleaning service for just a fraction of the cost? You can rent a Rug Doctor professional grade cleaning machine starting at $29.99 from any of our 40,000 rental locations. Preparation is key to making the most out of your Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaning experience. Follow these three easy steps to get your house ready to deep clean with Rug Doctor.

Step 1 – Remove the Furniture from the Room

The best way to make sure you can evenly and effectively clean the whole room is to remove all of the furniture first before starting to clean. Only return the furniture when carpets are completely dry.

Expert Tip: We know it isn’t always possible to remove all the furniture from a room, so the next best alternative is to move it to the middle of the room. Start by deep cleaning the perimeter. After finishing the perimeter, move the furniture back to the edge of the room. Put a piece of kitchen foil under chair, sofa, or table legs while the carpet is drying to prevent rust or dye transfer. Now you can deep clean the center of the room.

Step 2 – Vacuum to Remove Surface Layer Dirt and Debris 

Vacuuming removes debris and surface dirt, lifts carpet fibers, and prepares the carpet for deep cleaning. Our Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine washes, scrubs, and extracts embedded dirt, grime, oils, stains, and odors from deep within the carpet fibers.

Step 3 – Pre-treat Stubborn Stains and High Traffic Areas

Now that your carpets are furniture-free and vacuumed, it’s time to pre-treat the areas that have tough stains or are matted down and/or discolored. Make sure to pay extra attention to any thresholds between hard floor and carpeted rooms like kitchen entrances, hallways and entry ways, and your pets’ favorite laying and sleeping spots. Rug Doctor’s Pre-treat Stain Remover penetrates stains and breaks down oil, soil, and ground-in grime. 

If you have pet stains from urine or other biologicals, you may also want to pre-treat the affected area with Rug Doctor Pet Stain Remover spray. The Pet Stain Remover enzymatic cleaning formula safely and effectively removes the stain and the odor from pet accidents. 

No matter your needs, Rug Doctor has a deep cleaning formula best suited to your home. All our solutions are designed for homes with kids and pets. You can check out all of our cleaning solution sprays and concentrates on our rental solutions page.