Deep Carpet Cleaning is Important for Your Health

Did you know carpet is the biggest air filter in the home? Just like any other air filter, carpet prevents allergens and pollutants from reentering the air. Recent home flooring trends are leaning towards hard surface flooring, and it could be at the expense of indoor air quality. In fact, according to The Carpet and Rug Institute, “Unlike smooth floor surfaces that allow dust and other allergens to recirculate into the breathing zone, properly maintained carpet actually contributes to improved air quality.”

Deep cleaning your carpets is a major part of a proper maintenance plan to help your carpet function as an effective air filter. You might not be surprised to hear recently surveyed renters of Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaners indicated spots and stains as the number one trigger for renting a Rug Doctor. Most people know Rug Doctor is superior at removing spots and stains from carpet and upholstery and refreshing soft surfaces to give them a “like new” look and smell.

But did you know you may be overlooking another important reason to deep clean? Carpets that are effectively cleaned cut down on allergens and other contaminants that are bad for your health. Unlike other air filters, carpet is not easily replaced. It can be very expensive and time consuming. And vacuuming is simply not enough. According to Dr. Michael Berry, former Deputy Director of the Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office of the EPA, standard vacuuming does not lessen indoor levels of fine particles, which have a tendency “to build up over time and have the greatest potential to cause harm, as they penetrate deep into the human lung.”

The only way to remove all that dust, pollen, dander, and other pollutants trapped deep within the carpet fibers is to thoroughly wash and extract with a powerful deep carpet cleaner. Renting a Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is ideal for washing your carpets without having to hire a carpet cleaning service. Rug Doctor can also handle other potential health issues, including:

  • Biological messes – urine, feces, saliva, vomit, and blood from pets and children, or illness embedded in carpet and upholstery fibers
  • Bacteria, contaminants from shoes, food spills, and pet accidents embedded in carpets
  • Flood damage – sludge and grime, waterborne contaminants, and bacteria in carpet and furniture
  • Drywall, wood, and other construction dust from home remodeling and building accumulated in existing carpet
  • Stains and odors from pet accidents, plus oils from skin or fur, saliva and other excretions
  • Moving cleanup – removing previous owners’ allergens and contaminants

If you have fall allergies and react to fungi and molds, you probably face your worst symptoms in late summer and early fall. The ragweed pollen season usually ends by mid-November in most areas of the country. This makes for a perfect time to deep clean your carpets and improve your indoor air quality. Not only will your holiday guests think your carpets smell great and look spotless, but they will also be able to breathe a little easier. Visit our store locator to find a rental location near you.