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Are Your Hard Floors Clean Enough To Pass The White Sock Test?

Ever try the “Risky Business” slide in your stocking feet? Socks don’t lie. Mostly because mopping is a time consuming chore that has been proven ineffective, since it just moves dirt and bacteria around rather than removing it! But don’t... Read more »
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How to Show Your Hard Floors Some Love

Beyond Carpet, Beyond Clean: How to Show Your Hard Floors Some Love Say, when was the last time you visited someone else's home and noticed they had a full house of wall-to-wall carpet? Probably not recently! In fact, Rug Doctor... Read more »

Saving Money with Rug Doctor FlexClean All-In-One Floor Cleaner

Tax season is upon us again! And we know it’s likely you’re either rolling in receipts trying to finish up your taxes before the April 17th deadline, or you may even be rolling in dough from having already received your... Read more »
Hard Floor Cleaning Just Got Easy

Hard Floor Cleaning Just Got Easy

This year, the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean has been proud to unveil our most powerful machines ever to the world. A big reason we’re so proud of the new Pro Deep Cleaner and the Pro Portable Spot Cleaner. With... Read more »
The Rug Doctor Institute of Clean

Introducing the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean!

At Rug Doctor, we pride ourselves on developing carpet cleaning machines and solutions that perform as powerfully as professional carpet cleaning services at a fraction of the cost. And for years, we’ve mostly developed these machines and solutions in secret.... Read more »
rug doctor pure power

Introducing The Rug Doctor Pure Power Line!

Powerful cleaning results. Free from bad stuff you might find in other cleaners.At the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean, we get things dirty so you can get your home cleaner.We are particularly proud to bring you our Pure Power line-up... Read more »
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Meet the New Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner from Rug Doctor. That’s a Mouthful.

Did you just say hard floor cleaner from the people at Rug Doctor?Yep, we did. Just like we built Rug Doctor on the idea that there was a better way to clean our home’s carpets and soft surfaces, we figured there had... Read more »