Carpet Cleaning Satisfaction

/ May 2017

At the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean, we dedicate our lives to carpet cleaning satisfaction. We’re constantly refining carpet cleaning technology like the Rug Doctor Cleaning System to work as powerfully as the pros with one goal in mind: giving you total #Disgustifaction.

What is #Disgustifaction? Think back to the last time you cleaned your carpets with Rug Doctor. Think about dumping out that big bucket of dirty water – all the dirt, dander, allergens, dust mites and more pouring out all at once. What did you feel when you poured out all that gunk you picked up cleaning your carpet? Was it total disgust mixed with total satisfaction? Bingo: That’s what it means to experience #Disgustifaction.  

Disgust + Satisfaction = #Disgustifaction

Have you had some pet problems, party fouls or accidents? Or is it just time for a deep-down carpet clean? Bask in the warm glow of #Disgustifaction by renting a professional grade carpet cleaning machine from Rug Doctor.