Carpet Buying Tips

Are you thinking of replacing or installing new carpets? Are you looking for handy carpet buying tips? Rug Doctor Carpet Experts have compiled a few tips to help you with your carpet purchase. 1. Consider a deep clean before replacing Replacing carpet can be expensive, so why not try deep cleaning your carpet first using a Rug Doctor? A Rug Doctor deep clean can make your old carpets look new again, bringing back the “new carpet” bounce and color. Deep cleaning your carpets with a carpet cleaning rental machine can also save you a lot of time and money. For only a $39.99 rental fee, it’s worth trying a deep clean before replacing your carpet. Find your nearest Rug Doctor with our  rental locator . 2. Selecting the right type of pile There are many types of carpet pile available to buy. The two most popular are the cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile carpets are cut to expose the ends of the carpet fibers. This is the most popular type of carpet, and it comes in different lengths and thicknesses. Cut pile carpets are often softer underfoot and have the traditional “carpet” look and feel. This type of carpet comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. When looking at cut pile carpets, make sure to check the level of twist. The tighter the twist, the more durable the carpet. Twists help the carpet stand up against treading and wear and tear. Loop pile carpets are not cut, and therefore the ends of the fibers are left as loops. Durability is a key benefit of loop pile carpets. Tighter loops create a more durable carpet and let the pile easily bounce back. Loop pile carpets are recommended for high traffic areas, such as the hallway or stairs, because of their durability. However we do not recommend a loop pile if you have pets, as your pets’ claws can get stuck in the loop pile, causing it to pull and ruin the finish. 3. Selecting the right color and pattern Selecting the right color and pattern for your carpet can be harder than it sounds. When you’re looking at carpets, it can be easy to get lost in all the patterns and colors available. Here are a few tips to keep you on track when selecting your carpet color:
  • Go shopping with a basic idea of what colors and styles will fit with your home, that way you stay focused when selecting the carpet
  • Take a picture of your room with you when you go to the carpet showroom. Make sure you include pictures of the walls, décor and any features to check that the carpet you select will go with your current room
  • Consider your home environment. Cream carpets might look beautiful; but if you have young children and pets, cleaning light carpets can become a nightmare. Consider going with a patterned or flecked carpet
  • If possible, take home samples of your favorite carpet, so you can compare the colors with your existing furniture and décor
  • Remember to feel the pile. Carpets may look great on the roll, but it’s important to be sure they have the right feel for your home
4. Do you need carpet underlay? When selecting a carpet, this is a question you are likely to ask yourself. The simple answer is yes; in the long run, underlay will protect your floors, insulate your room and make your floors feel much more comfortable to walk on, in addition to extending the life of your carpet.

Share Your Carpet Buying Tips

We’ve offered some handy tips for buying carpet above. Our tips can guide you through choosing the right carpet for your lifestyle. We also encourage you to spend some minutes of research to help you get the most out of your carpet investment. If you have carpet buying tips, share them with Rug Doctor on your Facebook Page today.