5 Ways to Make Your Deep Carpet Cleaning Fun

/ May 2018

5 Ways to Make Your Deep Carpet Cleaning Fun

It is no secret that Rug Doctor loves carpet. And more importantly, we love deep cleaning carpets. Many of us spend our days thinking about deep cleaning carpets and how to answer questions like how can we make deep carpet cleaning machines more effective, how do we make it easier for you to deep clean your carpets, what is the best scent for deep cleaning solutions, and so on and so on.

Deep cleaning carpets (and now hard floors) actually consumes us, and we’re okay with that! However, we are not so naïve to think some of you may not be as excited about extracting all that dirt, dust and odor out of your home. Some of you may even see it as a (gasp!) chore. Well, deep cleaning your carpet doesn’t have to be boring. Here are 5 tips from the Rug Doctor experts on how to make your deep carpet cleaning fun.

  1. Take before and after pictures.

Before and after pictures of your carpet will be concrete proof of the work you put into your home. They will give you a sense of accomplishment – and they should! You’ll be proud of the outcome of your time and effort. Plus, then you can show off your deep cleaning skills to your friends and family!

  1. Play “what, how, and who” with the family.

Turn your deep cleaning into a game. Before you get started deep cleaning, you need to pre-treat the especially nasty spots and stains. Have everyone in the household do this together. Pass the bottle of pre-treat to each member of the family and have them find a stain to pre-treat. When they spot a stain (pun intended), have each person say what they think it is, how it happened, and who did it. Then enjoy the reminiscing and laughter.

  1. Practice breathing exercises.

We find the repetitive motion of moving the Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner back and forth very soothing. Combining this with breathing exercises can turn your chore into a very relaxing, meditative-like activity. As you move the Rug Doctor deep cleaner backwards, inhale for at least a 4-count. Move the machine forward and exhale at least a 4-count. Make sure your counts are equal for inhaling and exhaling and that you are breathing through your nose. This is called equal breathing, and the goal is to calm the nervous system, increase focus, and reduce stress. Try to work yourself up to six or eight counts per breath.

  1. Just dance.

Music can make any chore more fun. Put on your favorite music, crank up the volume, and dance like nobody is watching! The Rug Doctor rental deep cleaner makes for a great dance partner.

  1. Make it a workout.

Check off two items on your to-do list at once. Turn deep cleaning into a workout. Moving all the furniture out of the room can be your first exercise. Get your lunges in as you push the deep cleaner back and forth. After each room, get some cardio in by running in place, doing burpees, or doing jumping jacks.

Disclaimer: You should consult your physician before engaging in any type of physical activity. These recommendations are for entertainment purposes only.