5 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Stain and Odor Free After a Road Trip

/ Aug 2018

Wow, it’s hard to believe summer’s almost over! And with Labor Day Weekend right around the corner, it’s likely a lot of you are wrapping up summer with one last road trip. Like most families, you probably did a ton of packing and prepping to get ready to hit the road. But what about getting the family vehicle back to mint condition after it’s been lived in, eaten in, and of course SPILLED IN all week long? Fortunately, Rug Doctor has the machines and cleaning solutions you need to get your car back to normal. Keep reading below for some quick tips on how to clean your car after a road trip.

1) Be Prepared

Our first car cleaning tip will help mitigate all your messes. Before hitting the road, make sure your vehicle is fully stocked with everything you need to tackle spills and messes as they happen. Keep a trash bag and wipes on hand to help collect garage and wipe up greasy messes before they spread. Manage fast food trash and more by keeping garbage in a bag and off your floor boards.

2) Don’t Freak Out Over Food Messes

Of course, it wouldn’t be a family road trip without a hamburger or two hitting the deck. Before Dad gets mad, we recommend picking up any debris and spraying the greasy mess with Platinum Spot and Stain Remover. This powerful, professional-grade spray eliminates greasy food stains on the go and is safe to use on upholstery, car mats, vehicle carpeting and more. Just spray the mess and lightly blot away with a paper towel. Platinum Spot and Stain Remover features our most powerful formula to eliminate dirt, oils, and stains fast. Dad will never even know!

3) Be Ready for Biological Messes

Accidents happen. Oh, and we don’t mean car accidents. We’re talking about what kids and four-legged pet passengers leave behind. Lengthy road trips can lead to motion sickness and more, and no one wants to ride the rest of the way to Grandma’s next to Rover’s restroom mess. That’s why we recommend keeping Platinum Urine Eliminator on hand. This portable spray packs a powerful punch and removes not only stains but ODORS from biological messes like urine, vomit, and more. Its formula contains enzymes that eat biological messes and keeps cleaning for up to 24 hours, doing the work for you while you keep on driving. Keep this cleaning co-pilot on hand to neutralize unbearable pet and kid odors all over your car.

4) Get Over the Daily Grime

Inevitably, what happens outside your vehicle ends up in your car, too. Dirt and grime from the road can soil your car mats fast. Fortunately Rug Doctor makes the machines you need to help you clean auto upholstery, carpeting, and floor mats. Our powerful Detailing, Spot and Upholstery cleaning solution removes tough, ground-in dirt, spills, and stains — you know, the kind of stuff you pick up when you’re on the road — and it eliminates the nasty odors that come with them. Use this pro-grade formula in our Portable Spot Cleaner. You’ll love how the Portable Spot Cleaner’s motorized brush scrubs, lifts, and sucks up all the spills and stains you wish you could have left behind. Cleaning your car is fun and feels less like a chore with a machine that does the hard work for you. Plus, our Portable Spot Cleaner is petite and lightweight, perfect to store in your vehicle’s trunk or cargo space so you can take it right with you on long hauls.

5) Leave the Heavy Cleaning for When You Get Home

Once you’re back and unpacked, now the deep cleaning can begin. Remove all trash and debris from your vehicle and vacuum up any loose dirt. We suggest pre-treating any tough spots or stains with Rug Doctor Pre-Treat Stain Remover with foaming action to lift and break down grease. Then follow with a deep clean to remove all the deep-down dirt, grease, and grime you can’t see. Wheel your Portable Spot Cleaner out to your vehicle and enjoy extracting all your road trip messes. Our Platinum Pure With Oxy is a powerful deep-down cleaner that removes food, grease, dirt, and even oils like makeup and crayon. If your messes are of the pet variety, Platinum Pure for Pets goes above and beyond with our best cleaning power to remove pet stains and odors at the source.

No matter which cleaning solution you choose, Rug Doctor formulas get your vehicle back to pre-road-trip condition quick. Pick up your Portable Spot Cleaner and Platinum sprays and solutions today, so you’re ready to hit the road this weekend!