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Pro Motorized Upholstery Tool

  1. Prepare surfaces for cleaning by thoroughly vacuuming to pick up loose dirt, hair, and debris. When cleaning and drying cushions, first spread sheets or towels on the floor as a drying surface for the dampened cushions.
  2. Secure the Motorized Upholstery Tool Head to the Tool Handle
  3. Attached the Hose Cuff to the Vacuum Hose Port located on the front of the Dirty Water Tank on the PRO Deep machine. The vacuum hose port is located under the rubber cover on the front of the machine. (Lift rubber cover to expose port.)
  4. Insert the Solutions Hose into the Solution Hose Port located on the bottom, right side on the front of the Pro Deep Machine.
  5. On the handle of the PRO Deep machine, switch the red toggle to “TOOL” mode.
  6. To start cleaning, squeeze and hold the Cleaning Solutions Trigger on the Tool Handle while slowly moving the tool back and forth over the stain, releasing the trigger when complete. Excess solution can be removed by making additional passes with the tool without squeezing the trigger. Take it slow! Slower action allows the motorized brush and power suction to clean deeper.
  7. Keep the machine in “TOOL” mode 15 seconds after cleaning, to allow for all of the dirty solution to be collected into the dirty water tank.
  8. When cleaning is complete, switch the PRO Deep machine OFF. Unplug Hose Cuff and Solutions Hose, Drain excess solution from Handle/Hose into a drain by pressing Trigger. Clean and store Handle/Hose and Upholstery Tool Head.

For more information about how to properly use this Rug Doctor Tool, download the User Guide by clicking the link below.