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Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner

Handle Assembly

  1. Remove the cardboard nozzle protector.
  2. Firmly insert the handle into the unit base until you hear the handle click into place. If you do not hear the handle click into place, gently apply pressure until the handle clicks into place.
  3. To remove handle from the unit, first remove the screw. Once the screw has been removed, utilize a tool to press the spring located to release the handle. Once handle is successfully released remove the handle from unit base.

Clean Water Tank Instructions

  1. To fill the clean water tank, gently press Tank Release Button on the clean water tank to release tank from the unit.
  2. Remove tank from the unit and fill with hot tap water, leaving enough room to add 1 tablespoon of FloorDoctor hard floor cleaning solution as instructed on the solution bottle.
  3. Once the water and solution have been added and place the tank back on the unit pressing gently until you hear the tank click into place.

  1. Press Power Switch to start the machine
  2. Press once for standard cleaning mode – Low Speed will have a blue light.
  3. Press twice for boost mode for heavy dirt – High Speed with be a blue flashing light
  4. Press third time to turn off the machine.

NOTE: Press the Solution Trigger when moving forward to release cleaning solution.

Cleaning Dirty Water Tank

Please always switch off the machine when it stands up. If not, the machine may lose suction due to the valve being activated accidentally.

  1. Lift red release button to remove dirty water tank.
  2. Remove the dirty water tank from the machine.
  3. Release the lock buttons on the sides of the dirty water tank and remove the lid.
  4. Empty and clean the dirty water tank.
  5. Rinse with fresh hot tap water.
  6. Thoroughly dry the dirty water tank and place the tank back in the unit securely locking the tank in place.

Cleaning Nozzle/Brush Roll

  1. Remove the nozzle and brush roll cover and rinse with warm tap water.

  2. Take out the brush roll.
  3. Rinse the brush roll with warm tap water and mild soap. Dry and replace in unit.

  4. To replace cover, press the Hook A into the Lock Hole A, then press Hook B into Lock Hole B.

  5. Press the cover into place to close it.

Charging The Battery

The indicator light will flash red when it’s power is low. Please charge it. 1. Before charging the unit, please ensure that all water has been removed from the clean and dirty water tanks and the machine is dry. 2. To charge the machine, connect the external charger cord to the unit and plug into the wall outlet

Machine/Battery Use, Storage And Charging

  • Battery takes 6 hours for initial charge and 3.5 hours for normal recharge. The indicator light on the front of the machine will turn blue when the machine is fully charged.
  • Battery run time is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Recommended ambient temperature range 32 ºF to 110 ºF.
  1. If this is the first use, attach handle to main body by inserting the handle into the main body until you hear the handle snap. The handle is now seated and secure.
  2. Remove the cardboard nozzle protector from the nozzle.
  3. Remove any additional packing materials from the machine and charger.
  4. Place the machine on the storage tray near an outlet.
  5. Plug the charger into the machine and then into the wall outlet.
  6. Charge the unit for 6 hours (3.5 hours for recharge after use). Charge is complete when the blue charge light quits blinking and remains a solid blue color.
  7. Unplug the charger from the machine.
  8. Remove the Clean Water Tank by pressing the tank release button and pulling the water tank out the front.
  9. Open the Clean Water Tank and fill with hot tap water, leaving enough room to add solution. Do not use boiled or microwaved water in tank.
  10. Add 1 tablespoon of Rug Doctor Hard Floor Cleaning solution to the clean water tank, close the tank and replace it onto the main body.
  11. With the unit on the hard surface to be cleaned, place your foot on the nozzle and rotate the handle back to a use position.
  12. Push the Power Switch on top once for low brush speed, twice for high brush speed and a third time to turn the unit off again.
  13. Use the solution trigger to activate the flow of solution. (It may take a few seconds for solution to initially flow.)
  14. Use slow forward and backward strokes to provide solution to the floor, brush the floor thoroughly and lift the dirt off the floor with the suction nozzle.
    1. NOTE: Suction is at the front of the nozzle, the backward stroke is the most effective at lifting the dirt off the floor. The forward stroke loosens, provides solution and prepares the surface for dirt removal in the backward stroke.
  15. When finished, remove the Clean and Dirty Water Tanks, empty contents, clean and dry the tanks before storage. Replace the dry tanks and place the unit back on its storage tray ready for recharging.
  16. Charge the unit so it will be ready for the next mess.
  17. Charge unit periodically to maximize battery life.

For more information about how to properly use this Rug Doctor machine, download the User Guide by clicking the link below.