Hard Floors

Our hard floor cleaners are scientically engineered to remove abrasive partucles like ground-in dirt and fiber-destroying elements like grime and sticky residue. Our floor cleaning solutions can restore and revitalize hard surfaces. Our cleaning products below are highly recommended for hard floors – stone, tile, sealed hardwood, vinyl and more surfaces.

Hard floors take on a lot. They accumulate dirt and dust from daily traffic and get inevitable spills and mishaps from our pets. Since our floor surfaces at home collect dust, dirt, and spills, it is important that we keep them spotless at all times to prevent these substances from transferring from one location to another.

Rug Doctor hard floor cleaning solutions below can leave your floors spotless and clean. They are ideal for cleaning surfaces in kitchens, entry halls, and bathroom areas. They can remove dirt build-up, stains, grease, grime, and pet messes. These cleaning solutions are pet and child safe.




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