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  • Water Pump Kit
  • Water Pump Kit
  • Water Pump Kit

Water Pump Kit


Water Pump Kit for Wide Track, Mighty Pro and Mighty Pro X3 machines

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5 reviews for Water Pump Kit

  1. by greglanyi (verified owner)

    Purchased the new pump. Went in easy, fixed the issue. We use our carpet cleaner regularly as we have 4 pets and 3 kids. Replaced the pump late October and now it’s The 1st week in March and the pump has again gone bad. We bought this brand carpet cleaner because this is what most rentals are so we figured it is durable / reliable. Now I have to purchase this pump again as I can’t find the receipt. This is ridiculous that this pump goes bad so often!

  2. by Roy Ryals (verified owner)

    Got the pump for my Mighty Pro. Relatively easy to replace it, if you follow the directions. There is a YouTube video that was helpful with some of the nuisances. The only issue I had was that one of the male connectors on the power pump wire did not fit the female connector. I made a minor modification to the male connector by removing most of the plastic around the male spade. Once I did that, it fit tightly in the female connector. Problem solved. So far, it seems to work fine.

  3. by Lynn Gray (verified owner)

    Easy website. Decent Prices. Our pump isn’t as strong as the original one but it fixed the problem.

  4. by Richard Karaz (verified owner)

    Everything great but on my year Mighty Pro one of the connectors was a bullet shape. Quick little mod, I snipped the new connector and spliced in the old and good to go.

  5. by Vanessa Rogers (verified owner)

    easy to deal with .The right price for the right part

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