Tile & Grout Bundle

Safe & Effective! No Compromise

  • Deep cleaning non-abrasive formula and grout brush remove years of build-up and helps restore the look of grout
  • Pro-enzymatic technology powerfully removes stains from mold, mildew, oil, grime, soap scum, embedded dirt, water deposits and more
  • Safe to use sealed ceramic & porcelain tile, natural stone, fiberglass, glazed and unglazed tile, white and colored grout
  • Great for daily use or deep cleaning showers, floors, bathroom and kitchen grout
  • Grout brush has angled bristles to easily clean corners, edges and tight spaces easily.


Clean tile and grout starts with clean ingredients – that’s why we created Rug Doctor Tile and Grout Cleaner and grout brush bundle. Our multi-purpose, deep cleaning formula is safe and effective with no compromise. The pro-enzymatic formula eliminates stains and odors from mold, mildew, grime, oil, soap scum, water deposits, embedded dirt, biological stains, and more. Brush has strong bristles that agitate to remove tough stains and will not scratch surfaces. Great for use on shower tile, floors, bathrooms, and kitchen grout.

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