Hardwood Floor Cleaner 27oz

Safe & Effective, No Compromise

  • Safely removes dirt, grime, & sticky residue; Brightens floors and restores shine
  • Biobased cleaning does not contain harsh chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, phosphates, alcohol or dyes clean floors start with clean ingredients
  • Safe for everyday use on sealed hardwood, laminate, LVT, engineered hardwood, stone, tile & more
  • Dries fast; streak free & residue free shine
  • Works in most spray mops
  • No mixing or rinsing required, great for daily use or deep cleaning


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Clean floors start with clean ingredients. That is why we formulated Rug Doctor Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner it’s safe and effective, no compromise. The rinse free, streak free formula safely removes dirt build up, dust, grime, and sticky residue and restores natural shine. Safe to use daily on sealed hardwood, laminate, engineered hardwood, LVT, stone, tile, and more. Our formula is USDA BioBased Certified and safe for use around kids and pets when used as directed. Ready to use; no mixing or measuring required. Simply add the cleaner into your spray mop bottle or directly onto the floor and clean with a microfiber mop. Rug Doctor Hardwood Floor Cleaner delivers professional, quality results that reveal the natural shine and beauty of your floors.

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