Deep Carpet Cleaner

  • Professional Grade carpet washer uses Dual Cross Action Brushes to scrub away dirt and remove stains. The scrub brushes deep clean each fiber from every angle and the grooming brushes polish carpet for plush results
  • 75 percent more suction than comparable machines means a quicker clean and dry time. Simply pull the Deep Carpet Cleaner to see immediate results.
  • The Deep Carpet Cleaner is CRI (Carpet + Rug Institute) rated Gold for Best in Class Cleaning Performance. It removes more dirt than comparable machines and will not void your carpet warranty.
  • The included Upholstery Tool allows you to clean furniture, upholstery and hard to reach areas. The Super Boost Spray option cleans high-traffic areas that need extra attention.
  • Quick results leave your carpet smooth, bright, fresh and clean. Quick dry takes up to 4 hours. Use Rug Doctor cleaning solutions in the Deep Carpet Cleaner for the best results


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Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

75% More Suction

Now there’s a better deep carpet cleaner from a name you trust. Introducing the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner.

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner features 75% More Suction compared to leading comparable upright deep carpet cleaners. Plus, your Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner uses Dual Cross Action Brushes! Two brushes under the machine deep clean all sides of the carpet fibers. This innovative technology deep cleans each carpet fiber, then grooms and polishes the carpet – all in one cleaning pass.

Not every carpet needs the same level of deep clean, some need a Super Boost. Use the ‘Super Boost Spray’ setting on the machine for an extra ‘boost’ in cleaning heavily soiled and high-traffic areas. Your Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is ready to start cleaning right out of the box. No assembly required!

At Rug Doctor, we care about your carpet! We work to make our machines and solutions the most dependable in the market because we believe you deserve a clean and fresh home.

  • Upholstery Tool for stains, stairs, and autos
  • “Simple Lift” clean and dirty water tanks
  • Easy Open Tank Cap
  • Removable Tool Caddy
  • Carpet-Friendly Wheels to easily maneuver
  • Collapsible Handle for compact storage

Rug Doctor Quality & Performance

At Rug Doctor, we love carpet- it’s our business! Carpet is warm and soft and some of life best moments happen on it. We believe in the clean living benefits that come from truly clean carpet. Carpet is the largest air filter in the home, so keeping carpet clean has benefits that go way beyond just how it looks and feels. So it’s important to deep clean it regularly.

We are focused on Deep Carpet Cleaning and take pride in being the best. Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner offer premium performance and are built to last.

This is why for over 40 years we have manufactured the best products available to Deep Clean Carpets.

Deep cleaning carpets is the perfect solution to dirty, dingy or even smelly carpets that need a little refreshing. Deep clean carpet before parties or as part of your holiday preparations. Boost spring cleaning by using Rug Doctor to scrub carpet clean, starting spring with a fresh and clean home.

75% More Suction* Compared to Leading Deep Carpet Cleaners

Strong Suction quickly removes dirt and water for enhanced carpet drying time and best in class deep down cleaning. The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner has a 12 inch wide suction nozzle, leaving a beautifully clean path for you to see immediately.

*Suction tested against leading upright deep carpet cleaners measuring air watts pursuant to ASTM F558 at cleaner head.

Easy to Use – Maneuverability & Convenience

Easy to Use is all about making the experience easier on you. We worked to make Deep Cleaning carpet as painless as possible. We set our sights on improving the parts with the biggest hassle: Filling and Emptying the water tanks. We made our tanks clear so it’s easy to see when you need emptying and refilling. You won’t believe how great it feels to see all that dirt be removed from the carpet.

We added larger opening lids for easy filling and rinsing and a convenient built-in soap measure cap so there are less pieces to keep track of. The handle folds down for compact storage so it’s out of the way when you’re not using it.

CRI Rated Gold – Best in Class Cleaning Performance

Our Deep Carpet Cleaner is the only machine with Dual Cross Action Brushes- a powerful oscillating scrubbing brush with two rows of bristles that clean fibers from every angle, from the bottom of the carpet and rotating brush with ten rows of bristles that groom and polish the carpet, leaving plush and smooth results

Not all carpet needs the same level of deep clean. The carpet in the hallway to the bedrooms needs a much more thorough clean than the carpet in the dining room people only go in two times a year. So we developed Super Boost Mode. Now you can customize their clean to fit the need, all by the simple turn of a knob.

Each Deep Carpet Cleaner comes with a complete cleaning package that includes all the tools you need to deep clean your carpet and upholstery.

  • Machine with Upholstery Tool & Caddy


Rug Doctor® carpet cleaning machines have been manufactured, tested, and inspected in accordance with Rug Doctor’s high standards of quality. The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner (“Machine”) is backed by a two (2) year limited warranty (“Warranty”). Please consult your User’s Manual to see the full terms of your Warranty.

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Rug Doctor gives you, the original purchaser, who retains proof of purchase from Rug Doctor or an authorized Rug Doctor Dealer, this Warranty for your Machine acquired for normal household use (commercial and rental use is excluded). You are responsible for notifying Rug Doctor within thirty (30) days of original purchase if any parts or components are missing on your Machine.


Rug Doctor will, for the original purchaser, repair or replace including labor, any part that is defective in material or workmanship for your Machine within the Warranty period listed above. This Warranty applies for normal household use only.


The following exclusions apply for Machine and part(s) failures due to: 1) normal wear and tear; 2) Machine alterations and 3) abuse or misuse of the Machine, including use not in accordance with the “User’s Manual”. This Warranty does not provide for a refund of the purchase price. For best operating efficiency and cleaning use of Rug Doctor products is recommended. Use of the Machine for rental voids the Warranty and is not permitted under Federal Law (see “UNAUTHORIZED USE” statement below). Commercial use is excluded under this Warranty however the “ONE YEAR LIMITED COMMERCIAL WARRANTY” applies, as shown below. Rug Doctor is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages of any nature involving the purchase/use of your Machine. In no event shall Rug Doctor’s liability exceed the purchase price of the Machine. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED.  THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, WHICH MAY ARISE BY OPERATION OF LAW, ARE LIMITED TO TWO (2) YEARS FROM THE PROVEN DATE OF PURCHASE UNLESS APPLICABLE STATE LAW PROVIDES OTHERWISE.


If a Machine is returned to a Warranty center for repair within thirty (30) days of original purchase, Rug Doctor pays the freight charges both to the Warranty center and back to you. Thereafter, you may be directed to take the Machine to a local repair center or required to ship the Machine to a Rug Doctor Warranty center should additional repairs be required during the Warranty period. During the Warranty period, but after the initial thirty (30) days, you will be responsible to pay any freight charges for shipment to the Warranty center for repairs. Rug Doctor will pay the freight charges to return your Machine to you.


This Warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.


To obtain Warranty assistance, please call 1-800-RUG DOCTOR (1-800-784-3628), or email consumer.support@rugdoctor.com. Rug Doctor will need the following information in order to assist you: your name, address and telephone number, product model and serial number, proof of purchase showing date and place of purchase. Please explain the nature of the problem. Rug Doctor will review all the facts involved and advise you as to recommended procedure. We recommend you keep the original carton and packing materials.


Use of this Machine with Rug Doctor Trademarks for rental purposes is UNAUTHORIZED and is in violation of U.S.C. Section 1114(I) and 15 U.S.C. Section 1125(a).


All of the Warranty terms as expressed above shall apply in all respects, for the original United States purchaser of a Rug Doctor carpet cleaning Machine, who purchases/uses the Machine commercially (not in household use), except the Warranty period for the defects in material or workmanship as well as housing parts for commercial use Machine shall be one (1) year.  You can register your Rug Doctor Machine at www.rugdoctor.com.

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12 reviews for Deep Carpet Cleaner

  1. by Brian Stephens (verified owner)

    Rug Doctor Just bought your Deep Cleaner. It is hands down the best carpet cleaner I have ever owned. I went over the carpet I had cleaned with my Bissel and the water looked like Mud! It smells and looks so good in that room! Only minor complaint is the tanks are pretty small. Other than that, awesome! I HIGHLY recommend this product!!

  2. by Audrey Coleman

    Absolutely love it so far. Used it first on my couch and cleaned the seats in my car. Works perfectly and the suction is amazing.

  3. by Michael Andlar (verified owner)

    Machine is an excellent purchase very happy going with a rug Doctor quality.

  4. by Margie E. (verified owner)

    It works amazingly, but goes through formula too quickly!

  5. by Stanley

    I bought the Deep Carpet Cleaner a couple of years ago. It has been lightly used since then, no more than 6 times. In my opinion this machine has the best suction of all the home use carpet shampooers. We were happy with our purchase. We recently went to use this machine and it would not spray. The owners manual says to check and clean the spray nozzle. Fine, but the manual gives no clue as to where to find this nozzle. Nor does the manufacturer’s website. It would appear to be a common enough problem that Rug Doctor felt it should be mentioned in the literature but they didn’t go beyond mentioning. We purchased a machine from another manufacturer and now only use the Rug Doctor for sucking up the soapy water that the other machine has been able to apply (with no problem). There is no way to contact Rug Doctor support regarding this problem and that sucks.

  6. by tystaples

    This is a terrific machine! Cleans like a commercial unit, awesome suction, fairly lightweight, sturdy, and easy to cleanup afterwards. It took quite a few trips to fill and empty the tanks to do our living room but well worth the effort. It easily cleaned old stains- mostly food spills, coffee, etc… with the “Pet” cleaning solution. The wand works great also but does not have motorized brushes like some competitors.

  7. by TrishaN77

    I bought this less than 7 months ago and already my super spray boost doesn’t work. Also like one of the other customers said while using the tool, I have a puddle underneath the machine. This isn’t good because I have light carpet and even though I steam clean it right away it still leaves a big stain on my carpet. I have always rented Rug Doctor but not impressed after buying one. Extremely disappointed.

  8. by CathyO

    I love the carpet cleaning machine but have had a problem with the upholstery tool. This is my second machine because I took the first one back to Sam’s due to while using the tool, cleaning upholstery, it left a puddle of water under the machine. OK, so I turned the dial to carpet and sucked it up.But the same problem with the second machine. Although the tool worked great, I just didn’t like the puddle it left under the machine.

  9. by Clean Rug Fan

    I really love owning this carpet cleaner. It is so convenient and easy to use that I have used it much more often than I expected I would, and its performance has exceeded my expectations. It has saved us – and our carpets – when we have twice had a flooded basement. I also really like the attachments which do a great job for easily shampooing sofas and upholstered chairs, leaving them amazingly clean and fresh.

    My complaints I am willing to live with since overall I like the machine so well. But the cons: 1) the clean and dirty water tanks are small so I have to very frequently refill / dump both. I mean VERY frequently, every few minutes. But this inconvenience is not a deal breaker since the pros still outweigh this con. 2) It does not clean right up to the edge of the wall. This is definitely a con, leaving me to hand scrub along the wall’s edge. I hope they can improve this in future models. 3) When you have refilled the clean water tank, it is a bit of a challenge to get it from the sink, back to where the machine is waiting (in a carpeted area), and snapped back into the machine. The clean water tank is like trying to hang on to a wet slippery fish and you have to be very careful to hang on to it or it will slip right out of your hands, crashing to the floor and possibly breaking. But if you try to grip it firmly, the valve of the tank leaks water everywhere as you are carrying it, as it does in the seconds when you flip the slippery-fish back over to snap it back into the rug cleaner. There must be a way to improve this difficulty in future models.

    But despite these cons, I would highly recommend purchasing this rug cleaner. Having one on hand whenever needed is wonderful and you may use it more often than you think you will, just as I have. It does a good job cleaning and suctioning the dirty water back out of the carpets / furniture upholstery. And the convenience of being able to use it with the attachments for upholstered furniture as well as for carpet is great. I also like that the handle positions down very low when needed so that you can use the cleaner underneath desks; the handle isn’t in the way. I have used my rug cleaner for many hours of trouble free use and am overall very pleased with it.

  10. by justme

    If you have carpet, Cant go wrong with this home cleaner, I sometimes just use strait water in traffic areas and easily cleaned in minutes. Strong vacuum keeps odor from wet carpet to a very minimum

  11. by skyblue

    I used the rentals for years and decided to purchase one for my self. This product does exactly what it says. It performs beautifully and I’m so please, Thanks!

  12. by norcoast

    I bought this machine a few months ago and love how it cleans and operates so easily. The products that go with the machine are also very good.

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