Top 5 Reasons Businesses Choose to Purchase Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaners

Millions of people rent Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaners every year. We’re the trusted choice for deep cleaning and known for delivering professional-level results at a fraction of the cost of hiring a carpet cleaning service. But did you know our rental machines are available for sale?

That’s right. Our most powerful machines can actually be purchased, and experts have noticed a trend amongst our rental machine purchasers.

Many small and large businesses that need regular deep carpet cleanings are realizing that it’s more economical to purchase a Rug Doctor rental machine for their maintenance and janitorial crews.

Since Rug Doctor rental machines are easy to use, but don’t sacrifice suction, the purchase makes way more sense than hiring a carpet cleaning service every time they need a deep clean. Rug Doctor deep cleaning systems are ranked Platinum Level by The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

That’s the same level ranking as the trunk-mounted deep cleaning systems used by most carpet cleaning services.

Read below to discover the top 5 reasons businesses choose to purchase our rental deep carpet cleaning machines.

  1. They are responsible for the health and well-being of their clientele. Day cares, church nurseries, nursing homes and schools are responsible for the well-being of the children and adults in their care. As we discussed in a previous blog, deep carpet cleaning is important for a healthy home environment. Carpets work as an air filter and trap dust, allergens and other particles. The only way to remove all of those harmful pollutants is to thoroughly deep clean carpets with a powerful deep carpet cleaner. Many of these types of businesses routinely deep clean their carpets to improve air quality and cleanliness of their facilities.
  1. They understand first impressions are everything with potential clients and customers. This is particularly true for restaurants, hotel lobbies and waiting areas in office buildings. It can be very off-putting for potential clients and customers when carpet looks dirty, dingy or just plain old. First impressions are very important when courting new clients, and how you present your place of work says a lot about your company. Initial impressions set the tone for the entire customer experience, so the last thing you want in a restaurant is for the dining area to look dirty because of the carpet. Beautiful, clean and fresh carpet can go a long way with customers. Many businesses that routinely entertain clients or prospects regularly deep clean their carpets to make sure their place of business looks its absolute best at all times, which helps win and retain happy customers.
  1. They are prone to emergency spot situations. Hotels, restaurants, kid-friendly businesses, pet-friendly businesses and other companies that are prone to spills and accidents find it beneficial to have a Rug Doctor professional grade carpet cleaner on hand. The sooner you can react to a spot or stain, the easier it is to eliminate. If you have to wait for a cleaning service to show up, you are risking permanent discoloration of your carpet. Keeping a professional grade carpet cleaner at your place of business is the best way to protect one of your most expensive assets – your carpet.
  1. They care for pets. Many groomers, doggie day cares and other pet focused businesses have found it useful to purchase their own professional grade deep carpet cleaner. Pets are known for their unconditional love. However, they’re also known for their inevitable accidents, especially when in unknown environments such as a groomer or veterinary office. Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaners use a three-step cleaning process to ensure a deeper carpet clean that can remove even the messiest pet mishaps. First, the machine sprays a soapy solution onto the area. Then the brush scrubs the carpet fibers, after which powerful suction extracts the dirty water and mess into a tank you can simply dump down the drain.
  1. They simply want to save money. Due to all of the reasons above, maintaining carpet in a business setting can be expensive. Even more expensive is the need to replace carpet. Owning a Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner can help save money now, as well as in the long run. Purchasing a deep cleaner can cut the cost of hiring a carpet cleaning service. According to the IBIS Worldwide Study 2017, one average professional carpet cleaning visit costs $254. Purchasing a professional grade carpet cleaner from Rug Doctor pays for itself in 2-3 uses. Companies will also save money in the long term, because regularly deep cleaning carpet extends the life of the carpet, cutting cost in carpet replacement needs. This is especially beneficial to apartment complexes and living facilities where the turnover of residents is high.

The Pro-Deep Carpet Cleaner is our latest innovation in the rental deep carpet cleaner line-up. The Pro-Deep Carpet Cleaner has many unique features including one click, easy-lift clean and dirty water tanks, back-and-forth cleaning motion, and digital indicator lights that alert when solution is empty or brush roll is jammed. And it’s 15% lighter than traditional rental carpet cleaners.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is the predecessor to the Pro-Deep Carpet Cleaner, and it packs plenty of suction and power. The Mighty Pro X3 features a triple-action vibrating brush with 75% more bristles to thoroughly clean each fiber as it lifts and fluffs, leaving a soft, clean, refreshed look to your carpet. The Might Pro X3 deep carpet cleaner also has a 3.9-gallon recovery tank, which means less refilling and emptying.

Our Wide Tack Carpet Cleaner also makes use of vibrating brush technology with powerful 1-pass cleaning. The Wide Track Carpet Cleaner’s cleaning path is wider than other deep carpet cleaners, which reduces the number of passes and time spent cleaning. All our Rug Doctor rental deep carpet cleaners are made with durable materials and are built to last. You can’t go wrong purchasing any of these deep carpet cleaners for your business.