Show Your Pet Some Love This February

/ Feb 2021

February is the month of love. But not because of Valentine’s Day. February 20th is officially Love Your Pet Day! And boy do we love our pets at Rug Doctor. There are many ways to show your pet you love them, but here is a list of our favorites. We challenge you to do all of them this month and show your pet some love this February.

  1. Exercise your pet with play. While your pets love a daily walk, they also like to be engaged. Some ways to exercise your pet through play include: setting up obstacle courses and run through it with them, try hide and seek with toys and treats, play fetch, try indoor swimming, play chase with toys (cats love this).
  2. Reward with healthy, real food. Pets love treats. But they also love healthy and wholesome foods that come from your table. Dogs love peanut butter, eggs, and unseeded apple slices. Cooked beef, chicken, turkey, and small amounts of lean deli meats are a great way to give cats some protein. It is very important to consult with your vet and research new foods before giving them to your pets.
  3. Let your pet sleep with you. Sleeping with you can encourage bonding. If sleeping in your bed is absolutely off limits, get on the couch or down on the floor and take a quick nap with your pet.
  4. Use facial activity and eye brow movement to connect with your pet. This may seem silly, but pets are often more facially expressive when around human friends. This is could be a unique way to connect with your pet.
  5. Keep their spaces clean. Accidents are going to happen when you have a pet in the home. It is important to keep their areas clean. Rug Doctor’s Urine Eliminator attacks and eliminates biological stains and odors from pee, poop, blood – you know, all the gross stuff. It also discourages remarking. You can pick up a bottle at any of our 40000 deep carpet cleaner rental locations, or purchase online.
  6. Take your pet to the vet for regularly scheduled checkups. Your vet will let you know how often he needs to see your pet. It is important for the health of your pet that you abide by the vet’s recommendations. Proper preventative care is the best way to keep your pet looking and feeling his best.

Please tell your pets Happy Love Your Pet Day from Rug Doctor and give them a big virtual hug from us. Visit us on Facebook and Instagram and let us know if you tried any of the tips above to show your pet you love them. We would love to hear from you!